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We are Czech based, ARMA3 unit focusing on Realistic Gameplay.  

We play as Czech Army 4th Rapid deployment Brigade, because our player base consists of current or former members of said unit in real life.

Our Gameplay is relaxed in terms of military ranks and person to person interaction, but firm in tactics, folowing combat orders, and fulfilling appointed duties.

We are looking for , new members,  occasional players  and other units that would join us on battlefield.


What we have to offer:

  • Own Public and own private server.
  • Own TS3 server
  • Training and tactical advisory Provided by Real currently serving soldiers, or soldiers whos service ended recently.
  • Technical advice and troubleshooting by experienced Arma Players, server specialists and mission creators.
  • Fun.


What is required from you:

  • Black Lion membership applicant  
  1. Fluency in Czech or Slovak language
  2. Age of at least 18 (16 if we decide that you are mature enough) 
  3. Working headset with working microphone
  4. communicativeness
  5. will to learn new skills



If you have any questions, contact us at  INFO@BLACKLION.CZ or on our teamspeak:  ts.blacklion.cz

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