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From the author of Advanced Train Simulator, Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Towing, Sling Loading, AI Command with the help of Eagledude, Radium (created logo above), BigDad, Aussie and many others comes something new....

Trains & Robbers


Coming soon, a brand new PvP game mode that puts train operators and train robbers head to head.


Train Operators: Your goal is to get as many train cars as possible from your base to three possible destinations. You'll have ground vehicles at your disposal to provide recon, and defense for your trains. High value and hazardous train cars (like the TNT car) provide extra bonus points if delivered.


Train Robbers: Your goal is to destroy as many train cars as possible. You'll have unarmed ground vehicles and unguided AT at your disposal. Track down the trains and don't let them get to their destinations! If you manage to steal a train and bring it back to your base, you'll be rewarded with bonus points.


This action will all take place on a custom designed island, built from the ground up. Tracks weave through a complex network of hills and road underpasses.


If you would like to help (we've got some island object placement, and scripting to do) stop by the ATS (Advanced Train Simulator) discord channel: https://discord.gg/RHkGYCt






Here's a sample of the rail and road network. Rails are in pink and roads are in blue. Train operator base is in the top left clearing. Robbers start in the bottom right. The three remaining clearings are train destinations.



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BigDad has placed about 90% of the tracks on the island.


Here are some screenshots:







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Except for the bases / train destinations, the map is nearly complete. Here are some photos:














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Alpha version of the Trains and Robbers map (map only - not game mode) has been published: 



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