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New game modes

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I find myself a bit disappointed with the monotony of the Raid action. I like it fast paced but it's too repetitive: get to the objectives, start those antennas, shoot or ambush, with that girlie talking way too much. It got old quite fast. I get it, it's a realistic simulator and so on, but there could be some variation.


So, let's give the devs some hints on maps similar to raid!


How about:

...rescuing a hostage (get to the bunker and defend the retreat)

... placing/defusing bombs instead of "making the connection". Hell, even tracing bugs or microphones would be ok from time to time

... raid in a single building, 1 or 2 lanes with lots of cubicles between them, 5 vs 5 in 50 meters distance. That would get the blood pumping...

... gathering vials of some liquid from the area to a protective case and extracting that when full without loosing it.  


If I got to thinking "am I going to do this all the way to level 99?" is bad, right?

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Before adding new gamemodes, the priority is to make sure everything is stable. So they need to fix tons of bugs, create the report system for the cheaters. When this update will hit the public release. Only now we could maybe see a new gamemode being worked on.


I agree with you new gamemodes could be fun. However this need to be good. And "unique".


Hostage Rescue could be fun and different.

Bomb Defuse is for me too much similar to raid. So... Meh...

CQC Raid could also be fun I totaly agree. And the good news, it's fast to create a gamemode like this one :D ... So maybe one day ? Who know ^^

And for your last idea... Heu.... Maybe ? I have no clue if it's a good idea or not here XD I never saw a gamemode like this so I can't tell...


Remember CS:GO only have 2 competitive gamemodes defuse bomb and hostage

Rb6 have only 4 gamemodes.

We have right now 3 gamemodes made for the competitive area and one for fun. If a last gamemode need to be added I think this one should be really different. So I don't think the CQC Raid, bomb defuse are going to see the light sadly... However the 2 other I think they have a chance to see the light :D

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My ideas were off the top, quick things, not thought through, ideas made to germinate others from other players, either in opposition or in the same line.

I am quite fond of my CQC Raid with no grenades, though.


The game modes need not be "unique" but they need offer fun and diverse gameplay. I'm not sure I like the competitive play. I like more an arcade-ish play, hence my post.

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Don't take it the wrong way, but what saddens me to see in this game is people coming from games like CSGO, RB6 etc and having arguments about the game modes in here and how the gameplay is not enough Arcadish.


I've been a fan of the Arma series since the very first Operation Flashpoint, you can call me a Fan boy that doesn't matter to me, i'm here to give you my opinion after all. This game Argo is a son to the Big Arma Serie, a son that has to keep enough of what Arma gave us up to now, and by that i mean, the open world firefights, the clumsy movement, the simulation of weapons and bullets and most of all, the combat simulation that it always had up to now. If someone needs a competitive arcadish FPS, than all i have to say is go and play those well known titles (CSGO and RB6), but Argo should not become Arcadish and i hope will remain different from those ! 


The only game mode i play right now on Argo is Clash, to me that is truly what makes Argo come out of the well known FPS shooters, the great open world terrain with the military simulation that Arma always gave us. Link and Raid are sadly some game modes that discust me, reminds me of playing CSGO and for that i wouldn't be here... 


Of coarse things could be made better on Argo, even better game modes, don't really have anything in my mind at the moment to propose but anyways, game is in its early stages, let's hope time allows it to become a big title in the future while keeping its true bases of Arma !

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