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We're  Charlie MIKE, looking to recruit some people for our small friendly Arma 3 Community with room to grow. I'll be upfront, I wouldn't call us full time in that we have set designated times for missions. We have about 4 to 5 guys at this time who are great guys to play with. We really want more friends to play Arma 3 with us, and to have fun with us as well. We usually play Arma 3 together nearing the end of the week, or when we can all get together.

What we're looking for are guys who can either be full time with us and hang out with us. Or be the part time guy that we can shout out to when we're all on and getting ready to play or show up whenever. We're also looking for mission creators of all levels as I'm the only mission creator at this time. We don't have a website, we don't have an application process. What we do have is good friends who are looking for more to join us.

Right now we're running a small Special forces Campaign as well as looking for other missions. We're very open to other missions if the content is provided. We play semi-serious, when we load in to play we joke a little here and there, but while on the Objective we're on point.

Currently we have the following:

  • 40 man Arma 3 Dedicated Server with the following mods: all CUPS (except CWA), Task force Radio, CBA, RHS's, and ACE.

  • Private Teamspeak server.

  • Motivated Arma 3 players wanting to play with more.

We have high standards of people in regards to our community because we want to play with like minded individuals:

  • Mature, respectful and adaptable (we're in the age range between 25 and up).

  • Good sense of humor (or at least not serious all the time, this isn't a job).

  • Open minded.

  • Willing to continually learn and grow as a player.

  • Able to be serious when the situation is required, and to have fun.

  • Individuals with integrity (responsibility and honesty).

  • No foul/negative people (If you like to back stab and create wedges between people, my friends and I will show you the door)

  • Group player, not individual, with good sportsmanlike conduct.

  • Teamwork oriented mindset.

I know we're asking a lot of a person here, but I have the same requirements of others,  as I do for myself. I want to foster a community that we enjoy being a part of, that is for the group. The group that has good camaraderie, and doesn't have to worry about knives being put in their back.

If this is for you and you feel like this could fit you, leave a message here, or PM me. If you want to add me to Steam and want to join in when we're playing, PM me or leave a message here. We don't have any requirements of playtime. This is only a small community right now, but I would welcome the idea of prospering into something more. I have great kindness, but please don't confuse my nice-ness for weakness.

We are currently centered around EST timezone in the North East US region.

What we do require for you to have upon leaving a message or a PM:

  • Working headset with mic.

  • Teamspeak 3

  • Arma 3 + APEX

Leave a message here or PM me your General Location (US - East/Central/West), your age and small rundown of you would be great.

Hope to hear from you!


From all of us at Charlie Mike.

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