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AI doesn't shoot over sandbags/AI Cover script

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I made a script where AI manually finds cover and takes cover but, the problem is AI doesn't shoot over sandbags. It works with some objects like barrels or some random broken pieces but not with sandbags. I heard that if I use "this setdamage 0" on the init field of the sandbag it will work but it doesn't. Is there anyway to fix it?


Here's the script if you wanna see it yourself : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1d6uqcannx45w6e/Cover+script.zip


I might have made a scripting mistake but I don't think so. I mean it can shoot over barrels...

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The problem is the height of the sandbags.

The simplest thing is maybe just use setpos with a small negative Z number.


Also there are several cover scripts you can use that lower the bags and sets units position with a switchmove animation.



Also I think I saw an addon that made sandbags a bit smaller by the Russian groups.

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