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3rd Battalion 25th Marines SP-MAGTF CR Unit [Co-Op] [NA/EU]

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Good Day!
We are a United States Marine Corps Mil-Sim unit (PvE/Co-Op) and we value Respect, Maturity, and Realism.

We use several mods (all inside a Workshop collection for ease of downloading) including, but not limited to: ACE, ACEX, ALIVE, CUP, RHS, etc.


Operation Times
Sunday - Operation/FTX 7:30 EST
Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - School/Training 7:30 EST
Wednesday - Game Day 7:30 EST
Thursday - School/Training 7:30 EST
Friday - School/Training Make Up Day 7:30 EST
Saturday - FTX 7:30 EST


What are we Looking For and Requirements to Join 
- Must have a Microphone
- Must be Mature
- Must be willing to follow orders
- Must be willing to work as a team 
- Must have commitment to the unit (No Dual Clanning)
- Must have Teamspeak
- Must have Arma 3 and be willing to download necessary mods
- Must speak English
No DLCs required

Open Positions
Fireteam Leader
Automatic Rifleman
Assistant Automatic Rifleman

Contact Us 
TeamSpeak -

Website - http://www.spcru.com

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon

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