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fps issues. (i think)

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I have a i7 6700k clocked a 4.4ghz, 8gb of ddr4 (2400mhz) and a ASUS 1070 oc edition card. I've tried running the game at the "Standard" pre-set and the "Ultra" pre-set, i get on average 30-40fps. Please help me figure out why im getting such low frames on what i think is a beast pc. Thanks!

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I'm sorry -we really, really dont need another thread about fps issues. Please post your query in one of the existing performance related threads-you will get more responses that way also.


Very quickly, as I can see you are a new player-most fps issues are caused by 3 things. 

1- View distance. Go to game settings and put your view distance to around 3500 mtrs and object view distance to about 2500. 

2-Server. FPS issues should only be looked at in the editor. Spawn a unit in the editor and play around a bit-check how the fps is there. Judging it on a server that may be poorly optimised or have dozens/hundreds of players is not a good way of judging fps. 

3-Mods. Running a lot of mods will decrease you fps.


Still, i would suggest posting in one of the several fps related threads. Good luck


Locking thread.

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