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I will put this simply, I have a mission file, it has alot of different things on it. (Not going into specifics unless it actually matters) and I added both a script for earplugs and a script that adds a scroll menu action for holstering your weapon and taking it back out again (so you can run faster with your weapon on your back). As of right now, I have them set to persist after respawning with this:    (this is in init.sqf) player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {[] execVM "holster.sqf"}];                and a very similar setup with the earplugs with some extra strings at the start so you dont get multiple identical scroll menu actions:      


(this is in init.sqf)

terminate ep;                        //Terminate the script (to avoid duplicate actions)
sleep 1;                                //sleep
player removeaction epi;
player removeaction epo;
sleep 1;
1 fadesound 1;
ep = [] execVM "earplugs.sqf";}];


So as of right now, I can get EITHER one or the other to persist after respawn, and if I get both working, the earplugs fill up the entire left side of your screen with the scroll menu action...

Any help would be appreciated, I am pretty new to scripting (for arma) and would love to learn how to make these scripts execute via a combination of HOTKEYS as well, instead of relying on the duplication of scroll menu actions, either one will work.


ALSO, quick note, the mission file is running "Liberation v0.923"

Again, many thanks to any who can help me, I am open to giving details if necessary.

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Try putting it in




If you don't have one make one

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