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Help with setting up server to run IFA3 Liberation 1944

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I am new to setting up an Arma 3 dedicated server. It is hosted by Host Havoc and there knowledge base has no info on how to setup this kind of server. I am running my server with the current mods "@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CBA_A3;@IFA3_AIO_LITE;." It runs great but wanted to know should I add @Faces of war and @Liberation 1944 to mod list? I would like to setup my server to be a fully IFA3 Liberation 1944 themed server and not sure if I add the mission ifl44_coop_mission_pack files to the server mpmissions folder or I do not have to this and it will just work. Do I need to configure the server.cfg to point on the missions I would like to run? Any help would be great on setting this up. Thank you in advance!


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[VoD] Victory or Defeat ~ IFA3 Liberation: 1944

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