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2035 NATO Uniform Replacement Config

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Hey guys,


So I just put together a quick replacement config for the 2035 NATO faction.  It replaces the vanilla Helmets, vests, and uniforms with variants from Van Schmoozin's outstanding VMS pack.  Weapons, etc. are all still vanilla, I only changed unis, vests, and helmets.  Kudos again to Van Schmoozin on his outstanding pack.  


It works great in Zeus, ALiVE, and it will also automatically work if enabled in the single player scenario and campaign.  I'll probably do something similar for the NATO pacific faction down the road.


Steam Link:  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=956808760




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Updated 8/29/2017


-Cleaned up config

-Removed the "backpack on the ground" of some units when spawned in with ALiVE.  


As always, hope you enjoy the mod.

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