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[SP/Campaign] Revenge

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A year has passed since the CSAT faction was able to get their retribution against their NATO enemies, now that they have the Mediterranean under their control, there has been a increasing amount of insurgency across Altis. The CSAT have decided to hire a mercenary outfit from ION to help them eliminate the Insurgency threat.
Follow the story of Lt. Sanders, who is as an ION contractor is hired to stop the insurgency in the Mediterranean.
Please Note:
This custom campaign of mine starts a year after my previous campaign: Retribution. In order for you to understand the story you would want to have played that campaign.
Retribution - Armaholic,Steam Workshop
Download - Steam Workshop
Change-log: Version 1.3:
Fixed an issue with the campaign config files where there were duplicate entrees so that it wouldn't load and arma 3 would crash because of it.
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