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20 FPS and CPU/GPU (both) running on 30% ?

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Hey. So I have this problem.

I play arma with 64 addons intalled and with my friend which got a little worse PC than me.

I got fresh new Windows 10 (just intalled it)

Main problem is that I have 20-25 FPS at max. When something happens it drops to 9-15 FPS on this rig:

AMD FX 8350 8-core 4 ghz

GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6G


Motherboard: ASrock N68-GS4/USB3 FX

2TB HDD (Game is installed here tho)


My friend which got a little worse GPU and CPU then me gets 30-40 FPS

Best part is that I installed MSI afterburner and checked CPU and GPU usage. GPU: 20% to 50% (average 35%) CPU: 30% to 35% (average 31%)

I play on Custom details but most of details I have on Ultra

Render distance: 3000

Object: 1500

For Example when I put 2v2 squads with 6 members each and they start shoot, I have 15-18 FPS. My CPU is on 40% and GPU is 15% (Just tested it)

But on Takistan without AI (only me) I have 60 FPS O.o

I guess it is just arma but I can see a lot of people which have scenarios with even more AI and have solid 60 fps with similiar PC


List of addons:

JSRS Soundmod

EricJ Taliban Units


whole CUP

Whole NIArms

whole HLC

Complementary Police weapons

Complementary Police Equipments


US Military MOd

SPN Russian Spetznatz Weapons units and vehicles

Simple Single Player cheat menu

RM SWAT Uniform

Whole RHS


Immersion Cigs

RHS&RH&HLC compatibility patch


Personal Arsenal


Kunduz, Afghanistan

Huey Pack


VSM-Vests and Helmets

Theseus Services



RH acc

Niko's USA Megapack

Niko's USA Megapack (Vests)

ASCZ Heads



75th Ranger equipment

Also I have 64 bit Windows. When hit Play with my addon pack enabled it says that ACE and Task Force Radio are 32 bit only. My friend does not get this error. I tryed to reinstall whole addon pack but this issue still persist. I hit play anyway (64bit) and addons are working correctly O.o


Playing on servers like Altis life or ARMstalker is impossible. With 11 fps It is unplayable

Games like Witcher 3 on ultra with hairworks = 50 fps

Witcher 3 without hairworks = 80-100 fps

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