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No walk toggle?

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I've just started playing and have altered the majority of the infantry settings to what I have for ArmA 3, the first thing I have noticed is that there seems to be no "toggle walk" option only "walk or run temporary"; meaning you have to hold a key in to walk. This makes things quite awkward for me and I was just wondering why this setting doesn't seem to be implemented.



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Could you try maybe double W? So when you double tap W you walk?

EDIT: NVM that doesn't work. Only thing you can do is use temporary or try wait 

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Some actions are still in the game left over from Arma but not visible in the control settings.

So open your settings file in some text editor program, like Notepad. You can find the <yourName>.Argoprofile file in Documents/Argo/ folder.

Edit the following line, or add it manually if it's not there:


You need to put the key's code within the curly brackets. To find the correct code, you can first bound the key temporiraly to some other action you see in the settings file and then just copy the code from it.

For example the temporary walk is "keyWalkRunTemp", you could bind V to it, then open the settings file and see the code for it is 47. Then change put it in the toggle line:


Other missing keys I've found useful are the stances:

keyStand[]={46}; // C
keyCrouch[]={45}; // X
keyProne[]={44}; // Z

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