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Nick Seafort

UIposition[] parameter for TransportPylonComponent seems swapped in some cases

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Hi all,


I've been working further on getting a servicing UI for the new Pylons, and I've run into yet another "roadbump". In this case, the roadbump is that the UIposition[] array for the Shikra is arranged [y,x], and the array for the Littlebird is arranged [x,y]. Now obviously, the UI within Eden renders absolutely fine and dandy, so what the hell are BI doing to get it to work? Do they even use the UIposition[] config value, or do they specify it somewhere else entirely? Is there another config key that says "turn your head 90 degrees before mapping these coordinates"?!


I'm genuinely at a loss as to how to do this without simply being forced to hardcode UI element positions for every friggen Pylon into my servicing UI - as you can imagine, that is a) bad, and b) instantly removes compatibility with 3rd party stuff....


Help :/

Edit: and to demonstrate my point, the wingtip pylons for the Shikra:
UI Top = [0.6, 0.45]

UI Bottom = [0.05, 0.45]

Pylons for the Littlebird:

UI Left = [0.06, 0.4]

UI Right = [0.59, 0.4]

Almost exactly the same matrices, one giving a vertical separation, the other giving horizontal separation...

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Could you post screen & mark those rogue boxes? On my end both are horizontally separated so I'm wondering if it's tied to some sort UI size or if it's something else

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I'm just going to have a little cry now. Sleep deprivation & staring at code all day had me comparing data I'd scraped from the Shikra to the image of the Wipeout... everything appears to be okay, and I feel like a right tit :x


Plus side, now looks like I've got pretty much everything I need to complete the prototype servicing UI :D

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