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Repair facility and ACE 3 repair modules

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Hello all, I'm trying to put together a little Taru training mission for myself and need a repair facility. 

I'm using ACE and was hoping you could help me with an issue.


I put down a helipad prop and tried linking that to the repair facility module for ACE. I set the damage on the Taru to about 25% and placed it on the helipad. 

When I ran the scenario, the Taru remains damaged. I then included a trigger and, instead, linked that to my repair facility module, with the same negative outcome.

I'm sorry if I come across as noob in the extreme, but I'm not mission maker, but I thought I'd have a go, as I want to improve my Taru experience. 

Also, I'd like to post my screen grabs from Steam, but can't seem to get them to work, so if there is something I'm failing to include in my description, please let me know. I feel the screen shot will go a long way to clarifying my issues.

Thanks in advance.


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2 things, first I've always found it easier to place a trigger covering the appropriate area and then sync the module to the trigger.

2nd (and the bit I think you may have misunderstood) the repair facility module doesn't auto repair vehicles.

It simply allows you to designate an area where repairs can be done. Eg I usually have it set that full repairs can only be done at the repair facility.

In your scenario if you have the repair specialist role then you would be able to ACE interact and repair the vehicle.


If you want something that auto repairs the vehicle when you land on the pad, then you may want to look for a specialist script for that. 

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Thanks for the rapid reply, JD! 

So it would seem that I need to fly as an Engineer class or Repair specialist, or assign those abilities to my pilot. Thanks for clearing that up. 

As for specialist scripts, I think thats way beyond my noobishness.

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Two ways I do this;



Place a helipad (so you know where the trigger is)

Place a trigger to cover the helipad and set its height to 3-5 meters

Make sure its repeatable and triggered by whichever side you're playing as and throw the following in the ACT box


{_x Setdamage 0} Foreach thislist; {_x Setfuel 1} Foreach thislist; {_x setVehicleAmmo 1} Foreach thislist;


It should repair and rearm. For effect, you could use a time out of 30 seconds to make the pilot wait :)


OR this, changes loadouts and repairs vehicles, fairly easy to use



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@astrospud You can (if I remember correctly) set the module to allow anyone to repair vehicles regardless of their role, but limit full repairs to facilities. 


This would mean that you could repair to a certain point in the field but have to fly back to base to do a full repair.


Oh and here's an example of a script you could probably use 


It's not that difficult to set up, all the instructions are there and it allows refuel, rearm and repair.

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