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Unique Stratis Wasteland server

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Server Name: [G4] WASTELAND [64 bit]10k Start|XP Ranks|Faction Bases




List of things

Gun Runners


Random Halo Jump

Halo Jump Store

Small respawn shop 

Faction Bases

Jet and of vehicles limited till certain player counts on the server

XP Ranks (HoverGuy)

  • Ai kills Money
  • Player kill XP
  • Rank base Spawn Money
  • Rank base Discounts (Coming Soon)
  • XP Rewards

Parking system

Unique AirDrop System (Apoc)

Vector Building

Private Player Messages

Custom Player Menu

Added Map Features and Structures

Blufor and Opfor Oil Rig

Separate Indy spawn points

Player Storage

Thermals restricted to missions

Custom Hud

5 mil bank limit +

Ai missions


No Mods required


Will be ported to our Tanoa server soon

Share and enjoy!










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