Dear Arma community,
I'd like to share some very useful military sniper technique called "Mildot Holdover Technique" which you can use in Arma 3 (especially with ACE3 mod). This technique has been used by military snipers (especially USMC, Navy Seal, & US Army) to engage multiple targets very fast. What those snipers really do in battlefield when engaging a target is actually use their mildot reticle to compensate for bullet drop & wind drift. They're using the mildot to hold over the target for the bullet drop & wind drift. They rarely dial in on their scope adjutment turret coz it takes too long :( So they always zero their gun at a certain distance (usually the distance where most targets show up) & use the mildot to hold for bullet drop & wind drift at other distances.
For instance, you zero your gun at 400 m. The target is at 800 m. Let's say you still got bullet drop 5 Mils down & your wind drift is 3 Mils to the left. You don't dial your scope adjutment turret again. Instead, you use your mildot reticle to hold 5 Mils above the target and hold 3 Mils to the right of the target.   To demonstrate it, i show you the picture & some of my sniper videos i just made. Those videos ain't about to show off my skill or anything (i'm a noob actually lol). I just wanna show you guys how to do the "Mildot Holdover Technique" in Arma 3 (even with ACE3).I put all the loadout specs & ballistics analysis in the video description.   Sorry for not narrating the videos coz i don't got time :(   =====================================================================================================================================================================   Mildot Holdover for M24/M40 & M118LR (7.62x51 mm NATO cartridge) -->     USMC Sniper Mildot Holdover Technique with USMC M40A5 rifle (in 7.62x51 mm Nato cartridge) &  M118LR ammo -->                 =================================================================================================================================================================     Mildot Holdover for MK13 mod 5 & MK248 mod 0 (300 Winchester Magnum cartridge) -->      
Navy Seal Sniper Mildot Holdover Technique with NSWC MK13 mod 5 rifle (in 300 winchester magnum cartridge) & MK248 mod 0 ammo -->         =======================================================================================================================================================================       Mildot Holdover for TAC338 / L115A3 & Blackhills Sierra 300 gr MK (338 Lapua Magnum cartridge) -->  
Navy Seal Sniper Mildot Holdover Technique with Mcmillan TAC338 / AI L115A3 rifle (in 338 Lapua Magnum cartridge) & Blackhills Sierra 300 gr MK ammo -->       =====================================================================================================================================================================       Mildot Holdover for MK12 mod 1 & MK262 mod 1 (5.56x45 mm NATO cartridge) -->  
Navy Seal Sniper Mildot Holdover Technique with NSWC MK12 mod 1 SPR (in 5.56x45 mm Nato cartridge) & MK262 mod 1 ammo -->       ========================================================================================================================================================       that's pretty much all the Mildot Holdover used by military snipers :)     So do you prefer holding with reticle or dialing the scope adjustment? what's your favorite mildot holdover (& what's your loadout)? :D   Please share it here in this thread ;)
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i always put all the complete weapon specification & ballistics analysis in the video description.
i hope you all can learn long range precision shooting from that channel.   Good shooting!!! -Best Sniper Simulator-