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Looking for additions to the team on a interesting and thought out Arma3 project. (no generic "i need help setting up my exile server plz help")

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First of all, hello to everybody who is reading through this.


My team and me consisting of two other ppl who are both highly experienced scripters both 3 years+ experience.

Who would tackle the difficult part of the project like for example scripting a who new custom survival mod (work is allready beeing done on that front see below)


The whole project aims to combine all the good from the arma2 dayz mod (the feel and ambiance, the amazingly high chance to run into another person, the absence of, i can just do some lootruns sell junk at the trader and buy myself an as50), Arma3 features (everything the arma3 engine has to offer and that we can use to our advantage), and some highly polished and custom "exile like" features. (completely custom trading system and tradingzones thats about it, yes there will be no missions because missions are just a big mess all there is either the server is empty -> you can do your missions in peace or server is full -> everbody camps a missions and waits until some idiots starts to do the missions and then snipes him when hes at the crate. Aswell as no exile like base building see below  at "Whats planned"


Whats planned:


  • As mentioned allready completely custom survival DayZ script (so no exile scripts -> fully custom and expandable).
  • Highly customized map (but done properly well not just some barracks in a massive sand bank square haha we all know and hate that stuff) (Base map will most likely be the A2 Version of chernarus not CUP since it looks quite alot better) (allready in the works)
  • Coming with that new map design what will happen exactly.
    • The whole maplayout will be story based fyi. when a zombie outbreak starts, it will probably not just the country that outbreak was in fighting the outbreak there will be help from other countries. So what is planned multiple smaller outposts from different factions
    • Obviously the whole map would be polished up with props and small overrun checkpoints to make it feel proper zombie appocalypse (further details on interest)
  • When you have that properly planned map layout you almost have to make a fully custom loot table which means that you can only find american weapons at american outposts same with AK's bla bla i think you get the point. What this does very well is encurage ppl to go to multiple outposts to get the best loadout which increases traffic on the map tremendously. (the loottable is allready beeing worked on aswell)
  • Adding to that will come a completely custom trading system that completely gets rid of the whole coin system and makes it far more realistic alswell as a new tradezone system in itself (further details only on interest)
  • Custom crafting system will also be available aswell as a wear system on guns and vehicles.
  • Completely custom base building no ugly ass block fortresses but realistic stuff like pichting a tent, diggin a small hole to hide a chest or seeking shelter in a house and barricading the windows and puting a lock on the door.


Lots more in planned and if i would go into detail about most of this stuff here i would be writing this for the next few hrs, and nobody would care to read through this (i think its already a bit much)


What are we looking for?


  • Modeling artist, what tasks would be there ?
    • Custom items: backpacks, misc items, clothing (also converting arma 2 clothing (like about 5 skins) and making it modular for the arma3 system) 
    • Custom props and eventually even smaller buildings.
  • Config coder, what tasks would there be ?
    • Managing all weapons giving them sound proper recoil etc.
    • General config work for interactions and managing the addon files.


Thank you very much for reading through this

If you seem interested (and even if you dont have the exact skills we need feel free to still contact us) feel free to contact me or my mates and we will be discussed further details as mentioned already what is described above is mearly a part of the bear shell.


Best regards



KiwiBear: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018276573/

MrCopyright: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067442279/

My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046410470/







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