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How to Deal with Text Reversing in Retextures

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I have been working on my first retexture for Arma 3. The retexture I’m doing is for a mill sim unit I am a part of.  They want the V-44x to have a cammo pattern similar to the V-22. I have the basic texture finished and I am starting on some detailing, but as part of that I need to add the text Marines to the tail section.


As many of you know, many vehicles in Arma mirror their textures and this causes text and asymmetric images to show up reversed as can be seen here:




 But the number on the tail shows the same on both sides:



I have tracked this decal to VTOL_01_signs_CA.paa, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how this is used. I found one refence to that .paa in TexHeader.bin, but I can’t unbinarize it to view how its set up.


Does anyone know either how that decal overlay works that BI uses for the numbers or any workarounds for dealing with mirroring on the textures?

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You can't overcome this if your using a mirrored UV layout. You would have to remap the UV layout to eliminate this problem, don't bother because it's a huge job.


You can do it by using decals instead which go on top of the color map. I think this is done using HiddenSelections, see here - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#hiddenSelections


If you really want to do this do it via HiddenSelections.

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Fizzle, thanks for the reply. I did some research into hidden selections, and (correct me if I am wrong) to define a new selection, like I would need to in this instance, I would have to have access to the model. Unfortunately, since the v-44 is binarized I cannot just open it and create a new selection on that model.


This means my only two choices, if I go this route, are to find a way to hack the p3d (not worth the time) so I can add selections or create a new v-44 model (not sure how “legal” that is) that then I can define the selections on. At this point, it almost seems better for me to just do something from scratch then try to retexture the v-44.


Just to spread this link around more, the information on selections I got from this tutorial for Arma2: http://fab.ofp.free.fr/Tutorials/Hidden_Selections.htm

Also, thanks for the links and help.


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