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Looking for project assistance.

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Hello all,


I recently began modding for ArmA again, and have started work on a cool idea that I would love to see come to fruition. I won't disclose everything here, but the project is based around Group PvP, economy, and persistence (the back-end will be done through SQL). A little about me, I started modding in ArmA in 2011/12. I'm an undergrad comp sci major now. I have a pretty good understanding of SQF and I've picked up a lot of skills in college. I also have little to no clue about how to use any modelling programs and couldn't make a decent graphic to save my life. So based off of that here's what I'd be looking for...


- Programmer(s) with good SQF skills and at least some knowledge of version control (we'd be using git). Also someone who writes legible code. Knowledge of programming outside of SQF is a plus.

- 3d/2d artists for models, ui graphics, etc.

- or if you have another skill set that I didn't list that you think could contribute, I'm all ears!


This used to go without saying, but I'm not looking to hire anyone. I'm looking for people who would genuinely enjoy putting in the work. If you want to know more and are interested in taking this on, I'm a PM away. 

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