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[SOLVED] Restrict vehicles (or turrets) from firing with "Fired" addEventHandler (or by some other means)

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I've been succesfully using this "safezone.sqf" script to restrict small arms fire, throwing grenades and placing explosives inside a "spawn protected area" which essentially is a trigger area. I assume the script itself is an evolution of grenadeStop.sqf by Bake or it could be from completely different origins who knows.

In short what the script does is that it will delete the fired projectile, thrown grenade or placed explosive and display a message that can be customized freely with #define MESSAGE "Type your message here"

To add the restriction to certain projectile, grenade or explosive the classname needs to be typed in the SPAWN_Restriction = -field

I was trying to use the aforementioned script to also restrict vehicles from firing their guns inside the spawn protected area but it is so that declaring the ammo classnames (that are used in different vehicles) in the SPAWN_Restriction = ["insert ammo classname here"]; is not enough to get the job done.


The question here would be that:

  • whether the safezone.sqf can be adapted in a way so that using vehicle guns (or "turrets") to shoot inside the spawn protected area would also be restricted? (if so, any suggestion on how-to?)


  • if I should start looking for a completely different approach with the issue at hand (if so, any suggestions what should that approach then be)?



There weren't too many discussions available that did share somekind of similarity with what I'm asking here. I actually only found

and this

but well, for me those didn't give the comforting "I got this and I know I can do this" feeling. Thus here I am, asking questions.






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18 hours ago, pierremgi said:

Just use "firedMan" EH instead of "fired" one.



Call me enlightened!

Each and everyday you live and you learn from, even from the smallest of things that change your life.


Thank you @pierremgi for the quick reply! We will call this one SOLVED!

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