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Rogue-State.dk | MILSIM OPFOR | Danish | +18

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Due to the current world situation, we will NOT play, and never will play as ISIL/DAESH or any present terrorist organizations.

If you are looking for:

  • A unit, that aims towards using most of the assets available in ARMA (Air/Land/Navy/Infantry/Vehicles)
  • The possibility to advance in ranks (Tier), based on actual in-game skill and participation
  • The chance of specializing in your favorite OPFOR weapon/vehicle/rotary/equipment, almost regardless of our mission and our participation numbers.
  • Only scenarios based on real and plausible situations that has happened, is possible could have happened and with gear and equipment from the real world. (No futuristic arma content here)
  • 10+ years of experience in the armaverse behind it
  • A flowing dynamic campaign where actions make a difference, and online savegames through ALiVE, ensures that your player will be where he was when you logged off just as the vehicles will be where they where last parked for each mission.


Well.. You have come to the right place

,,,,,If you can live with yourself playing OPFOR that is..

Each campaign will run for a certain amount of time, with a specified theme. As this post is written, we are currently Russian special forces in Iraq, assisting iraqi forces in getting ISIL out of a territory.
Since we play as OPFOR, we can play as many different armies, guerillas, insurgents and so on without having to change our main weapons or vehicle platform, which will differ from each campaign depending on the community mood.

We will appreciate no politic banter in this community.
We play Wednesdays at 1900 Copenhagen time.


So, visit us at http://rogue-state.dk/

And read more about us and how you join if you wish to do so.


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