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Mod and bikey updating via steamcmd

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Hey guys,


I m trying to automate some things on my linux server. In this case I try to autoupdate bikeys and mods but my method is not as good as I wish to.


I know howto download a mod (vcomai) via steamcmd like this:

/steamcmd.sh +login steamname mysecretpasswd +workshop_download_item 107410 721359761 +quit

but this command downloads the whole mod every time and this is annoying if I want to update 2 times a day.

So my first question is if there is a way to just check if the mod is updated and then download it? Like as I do while updating the server with those "validate" option.

I tried

/steamcmd.sh +login steamname mysecretpasswd +workshop_download_item 107410 721359761 validate +quit

but that seems just to download the whole mod.


The second thing is that I m looking for a way to download the bikey only for some mods. This is thought for updating bikeys of mods which are used client side only and which I want to allow on my server like some sound mods and particle mods. Is there a way to do this?


Any help is very appreciated.




EDIT: okay, first question was nonsense as steam seems to remember which version is already downloaded.

But the second thing remains.

I dont want to download all allowed (on my server) client side mods to my server just to get the new bikeys. Is there a way to get that key files only? I guess its not :-(

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unfortunately there is no consistent way that mod and addon creators offer their content. Sometimes the mod comes with a bikey, sometimes it's hosted seperately and when it does come with one its not always in a keys folder.

So unfortunately this is a hands on job and cannot be fully automated for all and sundry.

Client-side mods are not updated that often so it isn't really a burden on resources and management time


If you want to save on bandwidth, subscribe via your client, unpack and then upload just the keys from your client to the server

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Thx for your reply.

I decided to choose the way to download and update those client side mods on server automatically and then auto copy all found bikey files of it to armas keys folder with this bash script:

#download or update mods
/home/steam/steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login uname pwd +workshop_download_item 107410 721359761 +quit
/home/steam/steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login uname pwd +workshop_download_item 107410 861133494 +quit
/home/steam/steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login uname pwd +workshop_download_item 107410 450814997 +quit
/home/steam/steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login uname pwd +workshop_download_item 107410 767380317 +quit
/home/steam/steamcmd/steamcmd.sh +login uname pwd +workshop_download_item 107410 333310405 +quit

#copy all bikeys of mods to keys folder
find -L /home/steam/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/107410/* -name "*.bikey" -exec cp {} /home/steam/steamcmd/arma3/keys/ \;

this script is running 2 times a day and I can easily add more mods to it.

So there is no need to manually manage client side mods which are published via steam workshop

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On 3/15/2019 at 9:09 PM, Danidan said:

UuHello. I don't understand how do you put this files? Thank's 


I think I don't understand your question but the file above is just a bash script of a linux server.

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