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My modded server kicks me.

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Hi all.

Please help, I recently reinstalled my ARMA 3 server. Now it always Kicks me.

In the ARMA multiplayer lobby it tells me that the mods on the server and client don't match.

Current Mod Set


Mods are all the latest versions from armaholic, except @asm (C2-command and control) downloaded from syncwithSix website.

I have used WINSCP to put the mods up onto the root directory of the server with the usual format.
I have put the keys for each mod into the keys directory server-side.

When I check in WINSCP, the files on the server and client appear to be equal.


The userconfig files for ace and task force radio (before server reinstall) previously were copied into the config file on the server. 


But now with TFR 0.9.13 there is no userconfig file.

I have put the optional ace3 userconfig "serverconfig.hpp" into the server config inside its own "ACE" file.


I also noticed that all mods are green in the multiplayer lobby except @asm (C2 command and control)

What am I missing?


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when you remove asm, it works? Try to find the problematic mod by adding them one by one. When you find it, you can install it from a different source, i.e. steam to check if the armaholic version had issue or not

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Hi All,

Thanks Devastator_cm.

I did that and got a modded server running again.

Using Malden 2035. Mods including: CBA, ACE3, ALive, ARES, CUP weapons, units, and vehicles, CUP_ACE_compatibility, CUP_Vehicles_ACE_compat, SMA, ASM(C2), MEF, and TFR.

US Marines have taken the ruined military base in the north, and Russian Federated forces hold the Northern Airfield and adjacent military base. Each side has 30 troops programmed into ALIVE Military modules though there are usually far more than that on the ground.

Its a really interesting mission that usually kicks off around the radio station as US forces move into position and call in some mortar strikes. The US has mortar support (ALiVE programmed with Player Support module) and usually only 2 tanks, while the Russian  Forces have two to four BTR 90s and two tanks and sometimes two helos.

I play the US CO and command the entire US contingency as well as a squad of 11 AI troops and sometimes pick up a few extras.
By the time US troops have moved to the RF military base, they have taken around 90% casualties as have the RF forces.
We have not yet taken the airfield.

I thought you might be interested.

Thanks for reading.


Quote: "No plan survives contact with the enemy." paraphrased from Helmuth von Moltke the Elder.

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