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I've managed to create tasks that are hidden at the start by changing their owner to bluefor instead of 'synchronized objects only'. The problem is that when I use the trigger to create these objects, if the 'create task' is set to created or assigned, then the task is always instantly completed, but if its set to failed it will do the right thing and set it to failed.


The chain of synced items goes:
groupLeader > createTask1-Assigned > setTaskState-Suceeded > Trigger > setTaskState-Assigned > createTask2


If I link every createTask to the groupLeader and set everything to 'synchronized objects only' it will not hide the tasks at the start, but when I have everything in one single chain the missions are instantly completed for some reason. Could anyone please tell me what could be causing this? Thanks.

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This didn't work because the two tasks were being completed and assigned at the exact same time by the same trigger. For anyone else with this problem, it works if you set it up like this:


Player<sync>create task(assign)<sync>set task state(complete)<sync>trigger1(0.0s delay)
trigger1(1.0s delay)<sync>create task(assign)<sync>set task(complete)<sync>trigger2(0.0s delay)
trigger2(1.0s delay)<sync>create task(assign)<sync>set task(complete)<sync>trigger3(0.0s delay)


No need to have every single 'create task' attached to the squad leader, just don't let any two tasks pop at once, and link them all to the correct team and everything seems to work perfect that way.

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