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Read about that shiny new scripting command (setFeatureType) in a Jet´s DLC topic, found it has a config brother, and figured somebody might enjoy this :smile_o:




MRB A3 Air Visibility


This addon makes all ArmA 3 planes and helicopters visible across your set view-distance.
Originally these assets would only adhere to object view-distance, which for obvious reasons is no optimal solution.

In technical terms this addon puts all air assets into "landmark" state.
(which is kinda underused anyway with only 4 or 5 objects taking advantage of it - the carrier being one of those for instance).

The engine hard limit on "landmarks" lies at 200 planes/helicopters, according to the biki:

Disclaimer: I have´nt tested what happens when you put 201 entities :D


- Very high object viewdistance might not be feasible for the lesser PC´s out there.

- Put the addon .pbo included with this archive into any of your modfolders and load it as usual.
- For use on online servers with active signature file checking the .bisign file needs to be in the same location as the .pbo,
- Also the mrb.bikey must be allowed by the server owner (Note: the key file is not required by clients).

- readme.txt (you're reading it)
- mrb_a3_airvisibility.pbo (the addon)
- mrb_a3_airvisibility.pbo.mrb.bisign (signature file for online use)
- mrb.bikey (key file for server owners to allow usage of this addon)

Version History:
- 1.0 initial release

Stay Alpha!


PS: megathx to .kju for allinone.cpp´s!



Get it on the steam workshop




edit: Preview pictures with & without the addon loaded.

Taken from a comanche gun-cam, hovering in 3km height at the most southern point of the big island (i always mix them names up) - one comanche and a warthog standing on the salt lake.


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Anyway to make this a script for a vanilla dedicated server?




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Danke! Burns' smallest of mods making the biggest of differences as normal :)

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