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[SP] US Army Showcase: Light Armor - Takistan

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-Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928488263

Mount up in command of an M2A2 Bradley IFV crew, deploy an infantry complement, and smash the Takistani Army's elite Republican Guard!

Mod Requirements:





CUP Terrains/Maps

CUP Weapons

CUP Vehicles


Another short, simple, and enjoyable mission as a Showcase of a roughly OIF-OEF era US Army. Utilize the weapon systems of the RHS M2 Bradley IFV in support of NATO coalition operations against the Takistani Army's infantry, IFVs/APCs, and armored assets.


SITREP: CENTCOM has assumed command of NATO Coalition forces deployed to deter Takistani aggression against neighboring Free Karzeghistan. Operation Guardian Edge is in effect. NATO forces have advanced into the Royal Caliphate of Takistan, and have inflicted significant casualties against regular army forces. The US Army 1st Cavalry Division faces serious resistance from the 5th Republican Tank Corps of the Takistani Republican Guard, threatening the momentum of the allied advance. Further mechanized reinforcements requested at the Forward Line of Troops.


Hey there, everybody! I'm not exactly brand new to mission making, but I am fairly inexperienced. As a result, I would like to improve the quality of my missions and to do this I need criticism, comments, and advice. I would very much appreciate any comment or piece of advice that may help me further my technical proficiency in mission-making.

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