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Multiplayer suggestions

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1. Option for Competitive games that do not feature the 'Creative Printer'


2. 'Hardcore Co-op' Scenarios where players begin with a tent and rations and supply drop of datapad*, small 3D printer, cables, small drill, small soil sampler and a few empty cannisters.


3. Why doesn't the map in the MEV(?) show soil, rock and air data?


4. *Ditto the datapad.


5. More Science! Rocks and soil should have different compositions/yield within smaller areas revealed by sampling to force research ie there should be arrid areas where there is no water yield. Results sent to datapad.  Options to research plant growth and synthesis of other foodstuffs (like meatpacks). Algae research?  More depth to research would also be good rather than putting a sample on a bench and being told it's a success.


6. Time compression on a slider instead of the impractical imposed ratios, allow for 2 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour days! Slider in two hour increments from 30 minute days to 1:1? (30mins, 1 hour, 2, 4, etc...1:1)



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