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-Side Note to moderators, if you think this is not the appropriate forum section please remove the thread.


Currently looking for mission makers willing to help me out finish the mission, and the story line.
Working alone with side help from some of my Arma 3 community friends but having a couple of more hands is always welcomed.
Taking a break from the game itself and it's the latest release (1.70), but i'm willing to come back and finish the mission as soon as possible.

If someone is willing to collaborate on this one, leave a comment below on let me know via PM.

Find me on Steam.

Discord: Jimmakos#2139


-Introducing a work in progress cooperative zombie horror multiplayer mission for Arma 3.
-A 4 player SWAT squad have been sent to Podagorsk with one and simple objective, find Dr. Ivan and retrieve the virus antidote.


Dark ambient horror music.


Main story line and side quests for players to achieve.
Supply drops and balanced loadouts.
Modified and fortified story line based locations on the map.
Thunderstorm, fire effect, nuke, radiation script(s) from ALIAS.

Female voiced playable character.
A lot of jumpscares and a lot of creepy sound effects.
Unique atmosphere with spooky environment.
Various custom scripts.
Zombies and demons support, dynamic ambient zombies spawner depending the numbers of players playing on current server.
Headless zombies and scipts for making them acting like the hunter and smoker from the L4D2 game.
Voice acting for important main characters.
Apex simple conversation support.
Custom textures.
And many more to come...


-Workload of the mission is currently 7 days of work on 3den editor.


Youtube playlist:



Pictures: (more will be added later).


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