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Thrustmaster Warthog throttle issues

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Hello BI Forums, I've done some experimenting and I've come to the conclusion that BIS has done *something* wrong in terms of identifying the position of the throttle and converting that into the analogue thrust percentage.

The reason that this is so baffling is that in single player it works flawlessly, on a local hosted mission it works without issue, however as soon as I join a multiplayer dedicated server the whole system goes kaput. 

Best case scenario is that it only accepts half of my possible travel potential on my throttle 


(All the way back would be -1, centered would be 0 and all the way forwards would be 1, ArmA appears to only accept 0-1 or -1 to 0 depending on if you bind the + or - axis.)


Worst case scenario is that as soon as I move my throttle it automatically jumps to 100% throttle and only goes back to 0% exactly if I put my throttle in a very specific spot. This is strange behaviour.



Was wondering if anyone could help me out and provide a bit of assistance, will post the same thing on the ArmA reddit too.



Edit: Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/6br5hm/arma_issues_with_thrustmaster_throttle/

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