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Hello there!


I stumbled across an issue while working on some ArmA 3 addons.

I have two addons, stored in the same folder. The structure right now looks like follows:



Both addons have a $PBOPREFIX$, setting their namespaces as the above folder structure.


"addon1" has a .hpp file with PreProcessor macros, called macros.hpp


And here is, where the fun begins:

I want to access these macros from addon1 inside of addon2. I have included the file inside of addon2:

// File include-macros.hpp inside addon2 root
#include \x\addon1\macros.hpp

This works fine while rapping and packing the file using Mikero's MakePBO, actually including the correct file and its contents.

If I start the game, having both addons (addon 1 and addon2) loaded, fails with a message:

Include file x\addon1\macros.hpp not found



I have no idea anymore, could someone please help me out with this?

Thank you for your answers in advance!

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What exactly do you mean by access the macros?  You're going to have to be more specific on exactly what you're doing. 


Have you tried making addon1 a required add on in addon2?  This insures addon1 is loaded first. 

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I think this issue has been rectified, at least for now.

I have switched over to rapping and packing the pbos with Mikero's PboProject,

which works a charm. I cannot, however, make use of the fancy compression subroutine for his MakePbo tool.


It seems fine for now, I totally forgot about this post. Thanks for bringing it up again, so it gets some closure :)

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