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Problem with Task Force Radio when resuming a saved mission

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So my friend and I are trying to create a small ALIVE mission for us just to play occasionally but we want to be able to save it so that we can progress through the map and eventually rid the enemy presence from the whole map.  

When we first start the mission our TFR works fine, but after we save it, exit, then go back and resume it, the host's TFR won't initialize.  The TFR of the person joining it works fine, just for some reason the host's TFR wont work.  We tired it with him as the host and me as the host.  We are both very experienced with mods and can usually just troubleshoot our problems by ourselves but this one has us stumped.  I can assure you we have the mods installed correctly and I really can't see how any of our other mods would conflict with TFR causing it to do this since it works just fine in missions that we don't have to save then resume. 

Any ideas on how to fix this other than putting the mission on a dedicated server?

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Fixed it.  Just in-case anyone else is having this issue in the future, I will explain.


The problem is that task force radio will not initialize for the host of the server AFTER the host saves a multiplayer mission, exits Arma 3, then gets back on and resumes the mission.  THIS DOES NOT FIX A POORLY INSTALLED TFR SO IF YOU AREN'T EXPERIENCING THIS EXACT PROBLEM THEN THIS ISN'T USEFUL INFORMATION.  I could not find a fix for this anywhere else so I'm going to explain what I did to fix it.


Everything that is below here is for people that are really unfamiliar with how files and scripting in Arma 3 works.  To help those who already know script I will explain it fast here.  Basically you need to spawn the task force radio initialization function (TFAR_fnc_TaskForceArrowheadRadioInit) locally.  The way I did it is by using addAction.  I'm sure there are other ways but this was simple and quick. Now for the long explanation.


Go into editor for the mission you want to be able to save and resume.  Then place an object down and name it whatever you like, I just named mine "obj" without the quotations for simplicity and if your new to scripting you should name your's "obj" also. This object can be anything but keep in mind, you will need to be near this object every time you resume your mission.  So if you will be at a base then the object can be stationary, but in my case I'm playing an MSO so I needed a mobile object.  So I placed down an empty vehicle and named it "obj".  Now save the mission and find it in your files.  It should be in \Documents\Arma 3\missions


Now for the scripting.  After opening the folder that contains your mission, create two .txt files. Name one "init.sqf" and one "TFR.sqf".  If your file extensions are not visible you may end up having files named "init.sqf.txt" and "TFR.sqf.txt" and this is not what you want so make sure it asks you whether your sure you want to change the name, if it doesn't then google how to show file extensions and after you do that, go back and correct the names.  Now that you have the .sqf files ready, open the init.sqf, if it asks you which application to open it with just use notebook.  Now copy and paste this into the init.sqf

obj addAction ["TFR", "TFR.sqf"];

then MAKE SURE TO SAVE IT by going to file - save.  You can then close the init.sqf.  Now open TFR.sqf and paste this into it 

x = [] spawn TFAR_fnc_TaskForceArrowheadRadioInit;

Again make sure to save then you can exit TFR.sqf.


Now your done.  When you go into the game and look at the object you should have an action called TFR in your scroll menu.  If your TFR is not initializing then look at the object and press the TFR action.  In my case, only the host's TFR wouldn't work so he is the only one who has to press it after resuming the mission.  However, anyone who's TFR won't initialize can press it to initialize it (unless your TFR was just installed incorrectly in the first place).  If you haven't tried just reloading your teamspeak plugins then you could do that but that didn't work for me. 

I probably made this longer than it has to be but this only happened because we don't have a dedicated server to play on and I'm assuming people who are playing on LAN or with just a couple other people aren't going to know very much about scripting.  Anyway, hope I helped someone out there, but remember, if you just didn't install TFR right in the first place (which happens ALL THE TIME to new players) then this isn't a fix for you.

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