Workshop Crawler Yes, we scan.   What is the ArmA 3 Workshop Crawler? Workshop Crawler regularly creates an index of all available workshop items and the files contained within them. This allows content creators that decide to upload their content to the workshop to easily check for unauthorized reuploads of their files.   How does it work? Each file available on the workshop has a unique identifier (hash). When you click on "Find Reuploads" on our website, the hashes of your files are compared against thousands of others in the database. Due to how hashes work, these matches almost 100% guarantee, that the files found elsewhere are exactly the same as yours - but in a different workshop item.   Do I have to pay? No.   So, how can I start looking for reuploads? Head to, paste the link to your workshop item into the search box and click the magic button. It's that easy.