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Finding pixel locations of an object

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I am new to Arma Scripting  and I'm trying to detect an object in a *png file. This is the script I'm trying to get to work.


_screenPos = worldToScreen position pickup_truck;
_screenX = _screenPos select 0;
_screenY = _screenPos select 1;
_myX = (_screenX - safeZoneXAbs) / (safeZoneWAbs);
_myY = (_screenY - safeZoneY) / (safeZoneH);
diag_log format [ "X: %1 Y: %2", round (_myX * (getResolution select 0)), round (_myY * (getResolution select 1)) ];


Now when I look at the Image( testFile.png) at pixel location (_myX,_myY) I dont see the truck.

The truck is at around (421,612) but the output I get from the script is (619,542).


Any leads as to why this is happening will be highly appreciated.







screenshot "testFile.png";

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