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Client / Host different door status + can't open AmmoBox

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Hi guys!

So I built a COOP mission for 1 - 5 players on Chernarus also with custom buildings.

Yesterday I played with my brother for beta testing purpose and came along some really weird issues:

First the doors' status of two buildings were differed between host and client. For example when the client opened the door and walked through I and the host tried to follow, the door was closed and no interaction was possible. Same vice versa. This problem did't occur with original Chernarus buildings.

Second I put some ammo boxes down. One for equipment, one for magazines and another one for weapons. The equipment box could be opened though the inventory wasn't what I set it up to. The other two boxes couldn't be opened at all. AND when either one tried to change equipment from the box or dead soldiers it didn't work. We couldn't put stuff out of our uniform and also couldn't fill it with new stuff.

When I tested the mission in SP everything worked as intended.

Has anyone an idea about that?



Unchecking "dynamic simulation" solved the issue for the weapon / ammo boxes :tounge2: I guess same goes for the desynched doors issue though I don't know for sure. I placed the same building again and it worked as it should.

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