Considering that a few individuals have recently been trying to make a kill feed, I though I would share a code snippet which has been laying about on my computer   HALs_fnc_killFeed (snippet) image This kill feed uses the EntityKilled MEH and, for the ui, uses crtlCreate.   Code (example init.sqf):
    To add grenade detection to a unit:
    A few things to note: This code registers road kills, vehicle kills (including turret kills), infantry weapon kills, suicide etc. Grenades, EGLM, Mines etc. are only registered if the unit has a handleDamage eventhandler which checks for the last projectile which inflicted damage. Automatically registers spawned units as well as units placed in the editor. UAVs mess up the kill feed. Vehicles are registered as the killer if they blow a unit up. Grenades, EGLM, Mines etc. have a rudimentary implementation (simulation of the last projectile (which hit the unit) is used). This does not work in multiplayer (I haven't bothered to work it out).
  Any improvements are welcome. I had a few ideas for making this multiplayer friendly but sadly I haven't had the time to try them out.