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Rough Knight

[SP] Carrier Operations - Altis [Airfield strike]

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Carrier Operation - Altis [Airbase strike]

Location: Altis.
Game version: ARMA3: Apex, Jets
Game Mode: Singleplayer.
DLC: Apex, Jets
Version: v1.04




Overview: USS Freedom is part of the Nato forces operating against President el-Assud and his tyranical regime. We will fly and co-ordinate many air strike missions and covert ground operations against his forces as we seek to protect the civilian population as they strive for a democratic country.
To kickstart the NATO campaign against the el-Assud regime, our first task is to establish "Air Superiority" by taking out the enemy fighter jets stationed at the main CSAT airfield. Additional objectives may be allocated however as the situation on the ground and in the air changes.

Primary Objective: Destroy the enemy fighter jets.

Secondary Objective: Destroy the enemy airfield radar.


* USS Freedom active flight deck \ scripted ambience. 
* Helivac extraction possible if shot down [+ cat and mouse mini game].  
* Multiple tasks
* Only BIS expansions. [Jets].
* Voiced

Download Links:

Steam Workshop:



v1.00 | 08-May-17
* Initial release.


v1.02| 09-May-17

* Bug fixes.


v1.04 15-May-17

* Better Laser designation by AI for static \ Empty objective targets.

* Animation fixes for Carrier deck crew.

* Fixed things blowing up randomly on Carrier deck due to simulation issues.

* Improved enemy airfield defense.






Required Addons 
* Only ARMA3 expansion: Jets [Currently Dev branch or Beta]

Work Remaining & Known Issues:
*Please report bugs back here.


Credits and Thanks:
- Pixel Art Studio for the 'SATCOM' script.
- Konsky for UPS script
- Mikey, SHK and Galzohar for briefing help.
- Jezzaroony and the GCAM script   
- SHK for his searchlights FSM.
- OFPEC for the radio static sound

Thanks all,

Rough Knight

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