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Making a mission and need some help

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Im seeking help with a mission im making with mods (ill make a list of what they are at the end).  That being aside i want to talk what i really can do and what i want to do and if its a thing that i can code to work. The thing i want at this moment (this thread will be me asking help alot as i cant find info that works for how i learn) Is to make a area restricted to anything but OPFOR faction. i think its ment to be something about the Restricted Zone tool but i dont know coding or if this will even work.

The mission will basicly be me and friends as civilians using the Mocap melee take down to stealth through a city and only be engaged if seen attacking or. if entering this zone. 

Any help will be apreciated. Thank you!


CUP Weapons ,Units, Terrains Core and Maps, Vehicles
Music file (friend made)
(friend made face texture)
Drifter's Fatigue Remover
Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion
Operation: Trebuchet
Personal Arsenal
Burnes Armories - Landing Craft Air Cushion

USS Iowa

USS Nimitz

TOH - Static Civilian Ships
CAF -Aggressors
TRYK's Multi-play uniform's pack revision ( Community &KA TRYK Revision)

MCC Sandbox 4 - mission making the easy way

Zombies and Demons

E.P.S.M Project

G.O.S Leskovets
Chernobyl Zone



3den Enhanced

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

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