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[Recruiting]5th Special Forces Group recruiting SF and Recon Candidates

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5th SFG is looking for capable candidates with the willingness to learn and work as a team. We strive for realism and evaluated each candidate through our SFS Candidate Program. After evaluation you will be given the choice to join either the SFOD-A Team or enter into the Special Forces Sniper School for "Raven". Both are equal on the battlefield with the main goal of supporting each other. The SFOD-A focuses on small team tactics and precision. Raven Recon is dedicated to the support of the SFOD-A through intelligence gathering and excellent marksmanship, recon is a skill of patience and the ability to think for yourself. Attention to detail and staying calm under pressure are a must. More Recon detail below.


Originally started as a Recon only group we realized that the very specific nature of reconnaissance isn't for everyone. We decided to add an SF team to the ranks to help change the dynamic of the unit to a more cohesive environment that many Arma players are used to.

The SFOD-A addition is still forming and needs leaders. If you think you have what it takes to lead, definitely contact us on our TS and Website for an interview.


*The Raven Reconnaissance Team is looking for a specific kind of soldier. Someone that doesn't mind observing the battlefield in anticipation of that perfect shot. A person that can pay attention to a lot of detail and multitask while being aware of their surroundings. If this sounds like you we would love to see you enter into our Special Forces Sniper School. We are focused on small team tactics with a primary focus of Reconnaissance.

*If your idea of Recon is wearing a Ghillie suit and hiding behind a tree, you will be sorely mistaken. We strive to be the top 1% of capable Recon Scouts that the Arma community can find. A lot of training, constant drills, dynamic exercises are what you'll find at SFSS. After rigorous conditioning and hours of marksman/recon/logistics training you will be inducted into the Raven Recon Team as a Scout, specializing in the skills listed below.

*Long Range Reconnaissance, Infiltration, Sabotage, Strategic Destabilization with Explosives, High Value Targets, Air insertions(HAHO,HALO), Sub-surface Maritime Infiltration Operations. All are within our scope of training.

*Modeled after the US Army Sniper School our long term goal is to have a few small teams that regularly conduct Reconnaissance missions in every terrain and condition we can accomplish within Arma.


-SGM J.Ginger"Chaos" Raven Team Leader

SteamID= SGM J.Ginger [RRG]


*Teamspeak: ts81.gameservers.com:9118

*Fill out our Entry (Application Here)

Register on our [Website]

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