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Error on loading grass and terrain textures? 

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Hi everybody!

I'm playing the bootcamp level (just bought the game), but I experienced some issues regarding grass and terrain rendering.




As you can see from the video above, the game tends to load grass and terrain textures only when the subject is really close to them.
Does anyone know how to solve that? From the Arma 3 menu, video settings are set up on "very high / ultra (gtx 1060, ram 8gb)
I installed the game on SSD. 



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This is how Arma 3 handles rendering, it is not an error or a bug, its just the way it works.

There aren't really any settings to fix this either.


The only things you can change is the rendering of terrain/objects in the distance, see the "Visibility" section in the options.


There might be some way to increase the render range in an option file somewhere, but it is rather unlikely. And as mentioned above it is not an option available in game.




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