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Any tool can convert/export AI Group form Eden editor to sqf ?

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Hi, I want to place some unit/group on map, and export it's config to script, so I can use .sqf file to spawn AI, and control server performance.

I want to export Unit/Group classname, their loadout, waypoint, and any I write down in unit/waypoint's init script. (It can say I want to export 100% same thing like I place on editor.)


I find out a tool it's name Silent Map Converter(Link), but it can't work.

I also find this, M3Editor - 3DEN(Link), still not work.


Do you have any can work tool or convert script can help me ? Thanks 

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maybe you could try my release from my signature.

Sarogahtyps Spawn Script Creator - SSSC

Script exporting is a planned feature but actually not done.

but u can control spawning and deletion with it.


Feel free to ask in the related thread if u ve question how to implement it in ur mission.

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