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How to setup userconfig?

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I've been "searching far and wide" but I've yet to find any useful information about this.

I'm looking for a way to preserve userconfigs of an addon between Arma launches. From what I've seen sometimes addons rely on the userconfig folder but those mods seem to rely on users manually copying the config file to such folder before the addon even work at all. I was looking for a way to have initial default settings but allow user to change them to his likings, without the need to hand copy such userconfig files.

I haven't yet tried reverse engineer ACE or RHS to see how they do with their options menus, but the information I found often refers to missionConfigs not userConfig in the sense of a mod, for example the biki page for userconfig is a user contribution quite incomplete. This topic doesn't seem helpful for my needs either. This one warns about dangerous userconfig structures but not how they are actually made.

Thus I was looking for some tips or a guide on how to implement such feature on my addon.

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