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I am looking for an experienced developer (or two) that are willing to help my life role-play server expand and grow to something much more unique.


The server/community currently uses/has:

  • Lakeside heavily modded
  • Custom mission file with plenty to do
  • Some bugs, not majorly game-breaking
  • 55 players all-time peak
  • 20-40 players average but we have the money to spend on advertising once the server is more unique
  • Approval for Bohemia monetization


We're looking for someone who has advanced knowledge in developing scripts (not just configuring) and is familiar with MySQL (not a requirement).



I really hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this but from what I read on the forum guidelines, it seems alright.  Just to be safe, I won't be posting any links/mentioning the community name.


Please contact me if you're interested, I will look forward to working with you.

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