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St. Jimmy

Using exclude filter: Example of filtering out RPG etc. from the server browser

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Here's my filter that I use in the server browser. Naturally if BIS hosts gamemodes like KotH, Wasteland, their servers naturally get filtered out.

-"life" -"King Of The Hill" -"wasteland" -"breaking point" -"exile" -"epoch" -"sims" -"RPG" -"Grand Theft" -"ALTISFUNFACTORY" -"HARDRP" -"TANOARP" -"ALTISRP" -"STRATISRP" -"roleplay" -"rolepay" -"Tanoa County" -"battle royale" -"battleroyale" -"battleroyalegames.com" -"A3L" -"ArmSTALKER" -"Role Play" -"stalker" -"LastIslandRP" -"ViruZ" -"Hardcore-RP" -"我的世界]模拟生活服"

If you also want to exclude all the official servers by BIS you can just add


in the list.


These exclude filters leave only around 3100 / 5800 showing. Hide empty servers and only bit over 400 servers are left to be shown compared to over 1200 without any filters except the noempty filter.



If you like some game mode particular just naturally remove the exclude filter that's in that list.

The filter list is kind of "what other game modes there are other than KotH, Wasteland, Batlle Royale, DayZ clones and most of the general RPG stuff" so it's a good base to find something new.



The exclude filter checks from Server Name AND Mission Name. Be careful when you add any filters. For example if you write -"king" it excludes every server that has "king" part of the server or mission name. Even if it's only pat of a longer word it's then filtered. So things like "asking", "kingdom", "making" etc. are all excluded in that example.

I pretty much assume that no other than Life servers have a word "life" in their name or mission.



Here you can see how to use it and what the server browser can look like:


So just copy paste the stuff in the top bar.


Enjoy and hopefully this can help some other people :)

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Thank god for this! Away with the filthy casuals :don11:

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