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PBO Project Error when Crunching the source folder

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So i added my custom models that we got shown here in terrain builder 



So i open PBO Project and setup everything i need shown here 



I click Crunch and get these errors for all my custom buildings


scanning wrp for binarised p3ds
Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 Type 73 DR_Models\DR_Fence\StartV1.p3d a binarised copy needs to be built in temp
Attempting to pack DR_Models\DR_Fence
Processing DR_Models\DR_Fence
creating texheaders.bin
17:46:35: Extensions:
using binarise.exe
        copying/crunching to temp...
rapify x64UnicodeVersion 1.76, Dll 5.66 "config.cpp"
Warning: rapWarning: **********missing file(s)***************
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 18: \DR_Fence\FenceB1.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 26: \DR_Fence\FenceB2.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 34: \DR_Fence\FenceB3.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 42: \DR_Fence\FenceV1.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 50: \DR_Fence\Pillar1Side.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 58: \DR_Fence\Pillar2Sides.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 66: \DR_Fence\StartV1.p3d
Warning: DR_Models\DR_Fence\config.cpp Line 74: \DR_Fence\StartV2.p3d
rapWarning: **********missing file(s)***************

rerun with -noisy option to see decode

rapify failed. View->output (DR_Models\DR_Fence)
other job(s) have errors, the wrp pbo will not be packed until they are corrected
DustyRoads.pbo not produced due to error(s)
DR_Fence.pbo not produced due to error(s)
Job(s) completed in 0secs on Mon Apr 24 17:46:35 2017


Now here is the funny thing the objects work fine ingame and terrain builder I also pack the map in add-on builder and it works fine the object appear on that map no errors no nothing. The only reason im using pboProject is because the support for addon builder is shit 

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