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Co-10 Refuel Gone Wrong

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This is the first in a style of coop game mode I'd like to call "coordinated-effort" (though I'm open to suggestions). These should typically consist of teams starting at different points on a map having to coordinate and navigate with each other in an atypical fashion due to a number of factors (either limited intel, low supplies, broken vehicles, injured teammates, etc.). I'm probably not the first one to do this, but regardless, I have high hopes for it. These are meant to be somewhat vanilla in that I use few, if any external scripts (though mods that use script functionality are not out of the question). They're also a bit more hardcore as JIP and revive are disabled (though the latter may come if sorely needed).

Alpha and Bravo teams are some of the few U.S. teams on Altis left. The botched evacuation of the island after the zombie outbreak left many military units behind. After attempting to get a truck to refuel alpha teams vehicles, they are now the one's who need saving.

10 player coop mission
2 teams
No revive
Ryan's zombies required
CBA required
RHS US armed forces required

Steam Workshop link
Direct Download

I'm open to feedback and suggestions, especially on future missions of this type. If you have decide to make one of a similar nature, send it my way!

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