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Dark Passage: A Mission For The Unsung Vietnam Mod


http:// http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909417462


Coop: recommended 2-4 players (will allow 9) 

Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3, Apex DLC


April, 1969, Song Da Krong Valley. The Night Tigers are once again on the prowl; this time
they are tasked with a PBR patrol; going upriver to Ta Lieng Village where the NVA has
set up operations. But villagers in the area have reported strange occurances along the river.
What awaits The Tigers?


Mission features:

(1) Progressive resapwn points (thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of Elite Warriors)
(2) Virtual Vehicle Spawners availlable at LZ Savage (CH34 only) and Outpost Seawolf (PBR/M2 only)
(3) Highly immersive soundtrack which lends itself well to the eerie movement through the waterways and jungle. 
(4) Numerous sound effects add to the atmosphere. 
(5)Full arsenal availlable to kit out with; both at Headquarters and Outpost Kable and scattered throughout
the map. (Look for U.S. ammo crates in and around enemy installations and emplacements.) 
( Bring LOTS of flares; you're gonna need 'em) 
(6) On call artillery fire support. (Accessed via the "0" (ZERO) key at the top of your keyboard. Scroll wheel options availlable after that. 
(7) Option to insert/remove earplugs at any point in the mission. 
(8) Random enemy patrol script ensures replayability.
(9) And thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom, an "official" end to the mission. 

Mission Notes: 

It is VERY important to ensure before beginning that your sliders for "Effects" and "Music" are set to at least 50 percent. (Mission sounds/music based on those levels.) 
It is recommended to set the "Radio" slider to zero to reduce/eliminate annoying AI chatter. 

Read the briefing and check the map out to get a feel for what you need to do and how you 
want to go about it. 
It is suggested also to disable all AI in the slots not taken up
by a human player

Known Bugs:
(1) "image: cluster.jpg" not found sometimes appears at mission selection screen. 
(I've apparently not the intellect to make this "go away".) 
(2) "no entry cfg weapons. NAM_M16'" (problem with the Unsung Delta mod

Requirements: ArmA 3 Unsung 3.1d Vietnam War mod, CBA_A3. and the Apex Arma 3 DLC 
My thanks to Kronsky, Nemesis, and Grumpy Old Man, Sushi, and Tonic for their scripting
genius. Without their tools, this mission would have been MUCH the lesser. 
And to Kegety for his PBO/De-PBO tool.
  And special thanks to Sergeant Dennenboom of "Elite Warriors" for sharing his knowledge and time with me. 
And lastly, but not leastly (is that even a word?) big thanks to the entire crew behind the "Unsung Vietnam" mod. They have rekindled my enthusiasm for Arma 3 ! 

Urban Patrol Script Version: 2.2.0 Author: Kronzky 

NRE_earplugs.sqf Author: Nemesis 

GOM - Ambient AA :Author:Grumpy Old Man 

sush_pow_script.sqf Author: Sushi

VVS Virtual Vehicle Spawner script by: Tonic

Waterfall and Ambient Light script by: Alias


Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909417462

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That image error I think has to do with a bug when defining the loading screen image directly from the editor itself. Delete that and define it in description.ext instead. That should fix it, at least to a point where the error won't happen anymore (though I still have no idea how to get the image to show in the mission selection screen. Works fine in the loading screen where it matters though). 


I'm primarily an SP'er so I probably can't play this but figured I could help you out here. It happened to me too. I hate pop up errors.

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Hey Oddball,


Just dropping a line here. I've downloaded both of your Unsung_3.1Delta missions and they are fantastic. I've tinkered around with them a bit and have learned quite a bit from what you've done. You put a lot of detail and time into these. I'm sure you get plenty of feedback, but by all means please keep sharing anything new!

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