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All aircraft began on the ground with full fuel and all tests were performed with at least 75% fuel. All aircraft were flown on the same day on the same terrain at the same time by the same pilot (Wake Island, default time/day, me)

All tests averaged over at least 3 runs, Roll median at 5

Controls were mouse and keyboard with default curves

All planes were relieved of ordnance but had full guns and CM, Shikra and Wasp were stealth and had no external pylons, Buzzard had no gun pod


Oukej states that any major flight model changes will not occur between now and launch so this is it




The big re-test, numbers final until FMs are altered further


Fighters & Sentinel


Minimum T/O distance full flaps (full flaps, holding pitch up, note that planes are uncomfortable at minimum t/o and need to gain more speed )

F/A-181: 280m @ 240 km/h

To-201: 346 m @ 279 km/h

A-149: 233 m (!) @ 180 km/h (INSANE!!!)

Sentinel: 270m @ 179 km/h


Minimum T/O distance half flaps

F/A-181: 329m @ 248 km/h

To-201: 413m @ 300 km/h

A-149: 250m @ 185 km/h

Sentinel: 197m @ 190 km/h


Minimum T/O Distance no flaps

F/A-181: 338m @ 257 km/h

To-201: 485m @ 312 km/h

A-149: 260m @ 195 km/h

Sentinel: 344m @ 204 km/h


360 Roll @ 700 km/h

F/A-181: 1.65 s median, 2.14 s first

To-201: 1.63s median, 2.27s first

A-149: 1.35s median, 1.54s first

Sentinel: 2.40s median, 3.06s first


400-800 km/h level (decel to 400, 500m)

F/A-181: 17.84s

To-201: 10.70s (jeebus 0.0)

A-149: 16.86s

Sentinel: 27.13s

Notes: Wasp and Shikra liked to pitch down near these speeds with no flaps.


400-800 km/h 10 degree dive (0% and Brake to 400 at dive angle, then punch it. Hard deck 1000m, start dive/decel from 500 km/h at 2500m)

F/A-181: 14.57s

To-201: 9.33s

A-149: 13.69s

Sentinel: 19.56s (Note: UAV ladders are in 15 degree increments, dive @ 10 degrees approx)


400-800 km/h 30 degree dive (Hard deck 1000m, 450 km/h at 4000m)

F/A-181: 10.66s

To-201: 7.63s

A-149: 10.06s

Sentinel: 12.90s


400-800 km/h 10 degree climb (Start at 200m)

F/A-181: 23.90s

To-201: 12.21s

A-149: 22.72s

Sentinel: 57.11s


400-800 20 degree climb

F/A-181: 34.16s

To-201: 14.52s

A-149: 36.02s

Sentinel: Did not attempt

Notes: Test was altered from 30 degrees due to Wasp’s inability to get to 800 km/h in a useful time


Practical top speed (decel to 700 km/h and gun it, 900-1100m)

F/A-181: 1178 @ 30s, 1314 @ 60s

To-201: 1323 @ 30s, 1319 @ 60s

A-149: 986 @ 30s, 1043 @ 60s & -15 degrees (uncorrected pitch), 990 maximum in level flight

Sentinel: 865 km/h @ 30s, 870 maximum in level flight


Dive top speed (800 km/h @ 15000 m, 60 degree dive, record @ 2500m)

F/A-181: 1712 km/h

To-201: 1770 km/h

A-149: 1403 km/h

Sentinel: 1135 km/h

Notes: A-149 performed from 12k, Sentinel from 11k


Max Altitude

F/A-181: 15k (hard ceiling)

To-201: 16k (hard ceiling)

A-149: 12k (hard ceiling)

Sentinel: ~10.5k (soft ceiling)

Notes: Due to need for high fuel, sentinel tests were restarted after this one


200-3000m @ 600 km/h 90 degrees (pull up at 600 km/h accelerating)

F/A-181: Failed, 2899m @ 33.70s total stall (650 km/h was 26.08s @ 297km/h)

To-201: 20.49s @ 635 km/h

A-149: 22.06s @ 496 km/h

Sentinel: Failed, 2909m @ 31.18s total stall (650 km/h was 30.2s @ 180 km/h stalling, 700 km/h was 26.51s @ 240 km/h)


200-3000m @ 600 km/h 45 degrees

F/A-181: 27.03s @ 546 km/h

To-201: 20.57s @ 896 km/h

A-149: 25.37s @ 602 km/h

Sentinel: 30.17s @ 439 km/h


900 km/h level 360 100% throttle (accel turning @ 900)

F/A-181: 14.26s @ 553 km/h

To-201: 10.61s @ 400 km/h

A-149: 14.42s @ 586 km/h

Sentinel: 17.25s @ 529 km/h

Notes: Sentinel began test at 800 km/h


700 km/h level 360 50% throttle

F/A-181: 15.00s @ 279 km/h

To-201: 15.02s @ 183 km/h stalling (got about ¾ through before stall)

A-149: 13.53s @ 393 km/h

Sentinel: 16.21s @ 366 km/h


200m-1000m-0m 700 km/h, 90 climb 50 dive (100% throttle, initiate turns @ 700 km/h, 1000m (km/h @ m & s)

F/A-181: 371 @ 1394m & 10.47s, 813m @ 30 & 23.14s

To-201: 415 @ 1400m & 9.74s, 929 @ 24m & 21.01s

A-149: 489 @ ~1390m & 10.50s, 868 @ <20m & 22.03s

Sentinel: 354 @ 1393m & 11.49s, 732 @ 0m & 24.70s (Might’ve bought it. Oh well, drones can be replaced, and i needed to refuel anyway)


Power Loop 700 km/h (100% throttle, begin loop @ 200m, will be timed on re-test)

F/A-181: 421 @ 874m & 7.03s, 462 @ 314 & 13.85s

To-201: 392 @ 665m & 5.31s, 384 @ 256 & 11.05s

A-149: 486 @ 826m & 6.90s, 566 @ 216 & 13.17s

Sentinel: 430 @ 936m & 8.29s, 520 @ 282 & 15.39s


Immelmann 700 km/h (number repeated from Power loop due to redundancy, will be timed on re-test)

F/A-181: 421 km/h @ 874m, 7.03s

To-201: 392 km/h @ 665m, 5.31s

A-149: 486 km/h @ 826m, 6.90s

Sentinel: 430 km/h @ 936m & 8.29s


Split-S 700 km/h (100% throttle, complete Split-S with roll @ 1500m, accelerating through 700 km/h)

F/A-181: 700 km/h @ 675m, 7.72s

To-201: 510 km/h @ 966m, 6.03s

A-149: 696 km/h @ 597m, 7.82s

Sentinel: 707 km/h @ 399m, 9.93s

Notes: Shikra was very difficult due to imprecise roll, overshot multiple times


200m to stall from 700 km/h, no brakes (Pull up, cut throttle @ 90 deg)

F/A-181: 1752m @ 19.22s

To-201: 1488m @ 17.04s

A-149:  1719m @ 19.19s

Sentinel: 1614m @ 19.14s

Notes: Thrust vectoring makes stall recovery on the Wasp and Shikra a breeze


Same, with brakes (engage brakes while cutting throttle)

F/A-181: 1539 m @ 17.93s

To-201: 1308 m @ 15.03s

A-149: 1440 m @ 16.37s

Sentinel: 1399m @ 16.34s


Nose angle 400 km/h no flaps (decelerate through speed w/o brakes, pull vertical)

F/A-181: 80

To-201: 80

A-149: 115 (lol)

Sentinel: 115


Nose angle 350 km/h no flaps

F/A-181: 63

To-201: 64

A-149: 89 (LOL)

Sentinel: 89


Nose angle 300 km/h no flaps

F/A-181: 47

To-201: 50


Sentinel: 63


Ratings 1st, 2nd, 3rd, tie---tie


Speed: To-201, A-149, F/A-181

High and Medium Speed Maneuverability: To-201, A-149, F/A-181

Low Speed Maneuverability: A-149, To-201---F/A-181

Vertical: To-201, A-149, F/A-181

Energy Retention: A-149, F/A-181, To-201 (Deceleration is reversed)

Stall Characteristics (subjective): F/A-181, A-149, To-201

Handling Characteristics (subjective): F/A-181, A-149, To-201

Flat Scissors: To-201, A-149, F/A-181 (hard to record numbers for scissors, performed online, hosted server, ping below 50 for both. Assistant wishes to remain anonymous)

Diving Scissors: To-201, A-149, F/A-181

Rolling Scissors: F/A-181, To-201---A-149

Air-Air Ordnance: F/A-181, To-201, A-149

Air-Ground Ordnance: To-201---F/A-181, A-149

Swing-role Ordnance: To-201, F/A-181, A-149 (Wasp & Shikra are near-tie)

Radar Range: F/A-181, To-201, A-143

Stealth: F/A-181, To-201 (hard to record numbers, but Wasp was definitely the stealthier one from all angles)

Available Bases Including Carrier: F/A-181, A-149, To-201

Not Including Carrier: A-149, F/A-181, To-201



F/A-181 Black Wasp II: Good in level and at high speed, poor in vertical, good energy retention

To-201 Shikra: MONSTER acceleration, excellent in vertical, great climb, great at causing overshoots

A-149 Gryphon: Professional baby murderer, excellent in every area except acceleration and speed

UCAV Sentinel: Surprisingly good considering it’s not a fighter, it’ll hold its own if it has to. Roughly on par with CAS in terms of overall performance




T/O Full Flaps

A-164: 120m @ 120 km/h (Though it won’t climb at all) Realistically: ~250m @ ~140 km/h

To-199: 460m @ 190 km/h

A-143: 525m @ 186 km/h


T/O Half Flaps

A-164: 330m @ 150 km/h

To-199: 500m @ 200 km/h

A-143: 521m @ 189 km/h (?)


T/O No Flaps

A-164: 350m @ 168 km/h

To-199: 530m @ 210 km/h

A-143: 602m @ 160 km/h (IDK)

360 Roll @ 500 km/h

A-164: 2.54s median, 2.94s first

To-199: 2.42s median, 2.92s first

A-143: 1.50s median, 1.75s first


300-600 km/h level

A-164: 29.86s

To-199: 14.88s

A-143: 30.12s


300-600 10 deg dive

A-164: 18.35s

To-199: 11.24s

A-143: 19.38s


300-600 30 deg dive

A-164: 11.62s

To-199: 7.31s

A-143: 11.58s


300-600 10 deg climb

A-164: 1:12.74 @ 580 km/h (Accel stops @ 596 & 2:30s)

To-199: 21.87s

A-143: Not attempted, even slower than Wipeout


Practical Top Speed @ 1k (Decel to 400 km/h and gun it)

A-164: 638 @ 30s, 710 @ 60s

To-199: 783 @ 30s, 914 @ 60s

A-143: 637 @ 30s, 692 @ 60s


Dive Speed from 10k

A-164: Automatically shakes and pulls out at 900, max 1008

To-199: 1228

A-143: 1084 (need to brake hard to pull out)


200-2000 60 degrees @ 500 km/h

A-164: Failed, 24.70s @ 1701m stalling, Failed 550 km/h

To-199: 21.07s @ 386 km/h

A-143: Failed, 25.92s @ 1677m stalling, DNA 550 km/h


200-2000 (or 2000) 30 degrees

A-164: 33.35s @ 337 km/h

To-199: 28.27s @ 514 km/h

A-143: 34.57s @ 298 km/h


200-1000-0 500 km/h (50 degree dive from amax, pull out to 10 degrees at 500m

A-164: 118 @ 1146m & 15.19s, 619 @ 10m & 35.65s

To-199: 293 @ 1313m & 14.93s, 745 @ 19m & 33.40s

A-143: 133 @ 1203m & 17.33s, 669 @ 10m & 38.87s


Power Loop 500 km/h 200m

A-164: 257 @ 697m & 7.92s, 295 @ 418m & 13.37s

To-199: 306 @ 829m & 10.14s, 465 @ 104m & 19.34s

A-143: 243 @ 731m & 8.95s, 366 @ 262m & 17.09s


Immelmann 500 km/h 200m, no roll-out (repeated from power loop)

A-164: 257 km/h @ 697m, 7.92s

To-199: 306 km/h @ 829m, 10.14s

A-143: 243 km/h @ 731m, 8.95s


Split-S 500 km/h 1500m including roll-out

A-164: 661 km/h @ 182m, 13.08s

To-199: 550 km/h @ 527m, 10.87s

A-143: 575 km/h @ 480m, 10.80s


550 km/h 100% Level 360

A-164: 23.89s @ 421 km/h

To-199: 19.94s @ 409 km/h

A-143: 17.98s @ 360 km/h


400 km/h 50% level 360

A-164: 13.34s @ 163 km/h Stalling

To-199: 22.45s @ 271 km/h Minor Stall

A-143: 17.86s @ 218 km/h


200-Stall no brakes (500 km/h)

A-164: 15.14s @ 995m

To-199: 15.40s @ 1054m

A-143: 14.56s @ 974m


200-Stall brakes

A-164: 14.40s @ 922m

To-199: 15.13s @ 972m

A-143: 13.72s @ 903m


Nose angle 350 km/h


To-199: 40 :P

A-143: 79


Nose angle 300 km/h

A-164: 88

To-199: 29 (can recover easily, it’s almost as if it’s doing a cobra)

A-143: 51


Nose angle 250 km/h

A-164: 62

To-199: 14

A-143: 30


Max altitude not tested, all have soft ceilings and you aren't going anywhere near them in a reasonable amount of time anyhow


Ratings 1st, 2nd, 3rd tie---tie


Speed: To-199, A-164---A-143

High and Medium Speed Maneuverability: A-143, A-164, To-199

Low Speed Maneuverability: A-164, A-143, To-199 (very wide margins)

Vertical: To-199, A-164, A-143

Energy Retention: To-199, A-143---A-164(Deceleration is reversed)

Stall Characteristics (subjective): A-143, A-164, To-199 (Neo far behind, Wipeout and Buzzard near-tie)

Handling Characteristics (subjective): All tie, they're different but didn't feel inherent superior or inferior

Flat Scissors: A-164, A-143, To-199 (hard to record numbers for scissors, performed online, hosted server, ping below 50 for both. Assistant wishes to remain anonymous)

Diving Scissors: A-164---A-143, To-199

Rolling Scissors: A-143, A-164, To-199

Ordnance: To-199---F/A-181, A-143 (Neo can use quad skalpels, Wipeout has more bombs and more accurate gun, Buzzard far behind but still quite capable)

Available Bases: A-164, To-199, A-143




A-164 Wipeout: Slow, fairly maneuverable (hilariously maneuverable below 250 km/h), decent energy retention, not terrible for defensive flying. Insane nose angle provides get-out-of-jail-free card at low speed

To-199 Neophron: Fast but not really faster than a fighter, energy retention is great but maneuverability SUCKS, will require a lot of vertical maneuvering for defensive flying

A-143 Buzzard: Bad but consistent takeoff, surprisingly good in terms of maneuverability and about on par with Wipeout in speed and vertical. It will compress HARD in dives above 850 km/h , though, so don't go after fighters this way.


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The Su-35 is slower then F-18 - only in Arma :D - Let´s hope they will fix this.

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Only in sustained, straight, level flight. In practical top speed it's at least 100 km/h faster, dive speed is faster, it retains energy better (see 200-3000), and as you could see in 400-800 they were dead even. I couldn't come up with a good representative test to display this but it recovers energy much easier above 300 km/h than the Wasp/ Try doing a gentle climbing brake, then nose down and gun it. The difference is enough to matter in a fight.


The difference between them is whether you want better energy retention and recovery or the ability to better cause overshoots and a smaller circle

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New tests

Minimum T/O with half flaps and no flaps

400-800 km/h in dives

200-3000m at 45 degrees

Immelmann and Split-S at 700 km/h (Immelmann repeated from power loop due to redundancy)


I'm also committing to re-test including CAS planes (midified tests, of course) on release

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Thx senpai :D

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Love the Gryphon. It's such a neat little fighter, despite not having the speed, altitude and stealth capacities of its opposition, however the STOL makes up for that.

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And its energy retention. And its insane climb. And its tiny turn circle.

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I think it's fair. While testing, the Gryphon is fun. However, it isn't stealth, and as such, is only good at close in fights... If it can get close. Otherwise it must engage other targets visually, unless it shows up on radar. I found I've only been able to track the Shikra and Black Wasp II with my visual sensor. Most times unaware of other threats until I had already been fired upon.

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Shikra performance no longer accurate. I'd like to re-test but I'd prefer not to since we're so close to release. I'll perform the re-test on Wednesday since I'm working Monday and Tuesday and I don't wanna do it sunday because of possible Monday last-second changes

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Updated with re-test: everything is timed, Sentinel is included, A-143, A-163, and To-199 are included. Was considering doing the KH-3A and MQ-4/K-40 but their endurance is pitiful and I'd have to adjusts tests again; they won't exactly do 600 km/h. Or 500 km/h. Or 450 km/h.


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