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DesolationREDUX has released our first Alpha build, v0.1.0.


Server files are now available for hosting your own server.

Server Files Download


Instructions can be found at DR Wiki Support at DesolationREDUX Forums


This post will cover two projects that are really one in the same.  DR Project is a collection of a Mod Framework, DB Extension, Assets, Tools, Plugin Repository, and Terrains.  DesolationREDUX is a survival mod using all that, working as a showcase for everything.  The mod is currently in beta testing as we continue to add in the original planned features.   Progress has been going very well, and we are pleased enough with how things are working that we decided to post up here.  The hope, when completed and released, is that other mod makers will be able to take our work and make their own projects with them.  The DR Project is open source, and will be released under APL-SA.  Code, assets, terrains, will all be able to be used and edited by the community at large. 


ArmA Plugin Management System (APMS)

The ArmA Plugin Management System (APMS for short) was created to add a plugin framework into ArmA. It allows for server owners to easily add and remove content from their server. Developers can create server-sided "plugins" that can add key binds, add events, add buildings to the map, and add SQF code.  It also allows Developers to create a custom .cfg file to add control to the content within their plugin. The APMS system is the core for DesolationREDUX. Everything within the mod runs through the Plugin Manager; all key binds, events, and map edits.

The benefits of the APMS are as follows:

  1. Customizable keybinds created by the server.
  2. All aspects of a plugin can be customized by the server owner via the .cfg file.
  3. Managed events for both server and player.
  4. Managed Actions.
  5. Ability to easily add and remove features from a server.
  6. Managed map edits, spawned before the server has finished starting.


Installation of plugins is incredibly easy.  Simply place the plugin PBO into the Addons folder of @DesolationServer.  Place the plugin CFG into the Config folder of @DesolationServer. Add the plugin name into the Plugin managers PluginList.cfg file.  Done





Key features are:

  • - Supports 64Bit and the new CallExtension with Arrayarguments.
  • - Has an builtin mechanism to load additional config whitelisted Modules dynamically, so no need for plugin writers to struggle with the ArmA CallExtension API, you get wonderful objects containing "key -> value" associations, where you simply can call: `extArguments.get<unsigned int>("itemAmount")` or `extArguments.get<std::string>("listName");` and you return ArmA strings. Everything else like handling strings that are to long is done by LibRedex.
  • - Supports sync, async and quiet async calls (calls that do not return any data)
  • - Has a wide range of functionality to make life easier:
  1. -- Random lists that connect an chance with an item, like they are used for Loot spawn.
  2. -- Random lists of numbers (you request what kind of numbers you want, how many and in which range)
  3. -- Getting real world time in different formats like epoch(unix) time, an date array.
  4. -- Handling of file input and output on in the config defined files.
  5. -- You can define if an file readable, writable or even only readable one, which use useful to hide data.
  6. -- An module to call whitelisted urls and the Steam API, for example to get informations about VAC Bans etc.
  7. -- An build in client which can connect to an middle ware to allow ArmA to communicate with other tools like an admin web framework, as example we provide an Discord Bot, that does allow the players to request the current Performance and Server Stats.
  8. -- And of course an database connector.

Database specific features:

  • -- Does support multiple Databases like MySQL(MariaDB) and PostgreSQL, additional support for Stores like Redis are easy to implement.
  • -- All IDs are based on UUIDs, so no longer waiting until data is committed to the Database to get back the identifier of an Object. Just request an UUID, set it as ID for the Object and then tell the System to commit the Object.
  • -- All sql querys are sanitized additional most of them use prepared statements.
  • -- Some function calls like "update objects" are dynamic and don't need all data to be supplied, for example you only want to update the position of the car? fine! only send the position.
  • -- The goal of the design of the database itself was to fulfill all possible needs we could imagine. As Plugin writer perspective this means you should not need to change anything database related, all object and character information are stored automatically. This includes also variables starting with an specific Prefix as well as skins etc.
  • -- In case of objects we provide the "svar_" prefix, so if someone would like to add a coins system, they could store the current coin count of the object ins "svar_coins".
  • -- In case of an Player we provide "svar_" and "pvar_" both work the same as in case of objects, but the difference is "svar_" is bound to the character, so if the character dies the variable is lost, while "pvar_" is bound to the player profile, so if an character dies these variables are still present on a new character. Last is useful to save for example the skills an player has earned.
  • -- There are also more advanced features, like the database is able to save the connection of two or more objects, so you can attach an box to the roof of an car and after the server restart the box is still attached to the car.
  • -- An encryption library using an PSK set in the config to validate the hash of objects, and encrypt text in general.


We created a couple tools along the way for server managers to use. 

  • Admin Tools:

       The DesolationREDUX Web Administration Panel is a plugin to help with server administration via the use of a fully configurable website panel which allows the server owner to define groups and permissions for all the staff. This panel allows the server administrators to be able to start, stop and restart the server. It allows admins to view all the logs on the server to allow them to help catch hackers! Server admins are able to view the chat of all servers on one simple web page. Server owners can use the web panel to setup and configure groups and permissions for a web based RCON tool to allow banning, un banning, kicking, remote chatting and much more.



  • Server Manager:

       This tool is aimed at server owners who want to make server management easy as it aims to remove the annoying server start bat files. It will be GUI based and allows for easy server configuration. The Administration tool takes up the task of automatically restarting your server via a time picked by the server owner. It allows the installation of plugins via just one click as it works alongside the script Plugin Repository System. It allows server administrators to be able to easily add and remove parameters to their servers without the use of a bat file. Most importantly, it has support for multiple servers so managing more than one server could not be easier. The tool is C# based and currently only set up for Windows platforms.  As of quarter 2 2017, C# received Linux support, but we have not done any Linux support for the Server Manager.  It is planned.



  • Plugin Repository:

       The DesolationREDUX Script Repository will be a website hosted on a sub domain of DesolationREDUX which hooks into our forums authentication system. This website will allow users of the community to easily publish plugins/ scripts to our website, push changes and updates to the plugin, and give a detailed description of the plugin. This website will be moderated by our forum moderators and staff to ensure nothing malicious is submitted. This repository will also be included in my Server Administration Tool, and will allow server owners to simply click a plugin on the repository to install it directly to the server.

  • Vehicle and Loot Spawn Location Tool:

       The Vehicle and Loot Spawn Location Tool is used to get your own custom spawn location. This may be necessary for custom buildings, or to simply add your own touches to your server. These tools are located in Eden Editor, and are very simple to use.  Due to the way in which REDUX spawns vehicles, the tool is needed for accurate position locating.  Upon finding your locations, simply go to any text editor and "paste".  It will paste the appropriate code config information.  

  • Server Discord Bot:

       The discord bot is a simple to install bot that provides easy access to server information such as Server FPS, CPS, Active Threads, Server Uptime, Player Count, Online Players, and has the option for the server owner only to shutdown the server.  It is recommended this tool is placed in it's own channel as the players seem to love checking it. 




All assets we create, or port from the A2/TKOH data packs, will be made available as a separate download once REDUX goes into Beta.  These assets will include magazine items, map objects, weapons, structures, characters & gear, and vehicles.  All assets will be available unbinarized so they can be edited to suit the users needs.  We hope these assets will be taken to supplement the available A3 assets, and used to create more interesting content for the ArmA community.  All we ask is that we are credited with providing the source files and any derivatives are shared with the community.









As for terrains, that portion of the project is on hold until we complete DesolationREDUX.   Once the mod goes into Beta, the modeling team will move over to creating assets for a western themed map.  We originally had plans for a map based on the San Juan Islands.  This may still happen.  Will have to see what the team feels like creating when we get there, but we will be creating a US based terrain and appropriate assets.  Some of the project members also have their own side terrain projects that will be released as well most likely using available A2 ported assets and A3 assets.



Thanks to past and present dev team members, and those that have contributed content.



















DL++  (Has contributed some assets including journal image as well as shared ideas while he works on his No Cure mod)

Argument (his released source files for open A2 buildings have been edited to fix many config issues and AI paths for use with A2 missions)

Jonpas (for allowing us to use and edit his Theseus Services assets)

Screamer (for our branding images and game icons)

Kol9yN (Provides us with our custom animations)



Dirty Sanchez







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DesolationREDUX is a Zombie Survival Mod for ArmA 3 based off of the APMS.  It is the spiritual successor to OPTiX's Desolation Mod for ArmA 3.  It follows many of the same concepts of the original Desolation Mod and greatly expands upon them. REDUX has been created from scratch to fully utilize the APMS, and remove many of the issues inherent with Desolation Mod.


At its core, REDUX is a Multi-Player Survival game mode set 4 years after the zombie apocalypse.   The mod includes features such as Base Building, Item/Object/Weapon/Vehicle Crafting, Melee, Player Progression utilizing Player Quests as well as Player Actions, and a fleshed out knowledge tree.  REDUX is open to the public, and server files will be hosted on our website.  Server owners have the option to configure REDUX how they want, where they want, and on any terrain they want.  We include all tools needed to set up a REDUX server including loot location, vehicle spawn location, and map tools. 



Steam Workshop

Bug Tracker


Mod Features:


  • Base Building

       Our base building is based off simple prebuilt structures.  No modular base building.  Much like DayZ Origins, players can build predefined houses starting from small shacks up to large cabins.  There are 5 tiers of player houses, and each tier will eventually have 5-6 different house models.  Players can also build stockades.  These stockades are much like those in the latest A2 DayZ Mod.  Built to surround their settlements and the houses and resources within.  Stockades have multiple different types of walls to build, including an upgrade path adding sheets of metal to the front for further penetration protections.  An additional item for the stockades are the stockade towers which can be manned and used for better protection while defending.



  • Crafting

       The crafting system within REDUX is used for a multitude of purposes from creating simple items such as bandages and food to large objects such as the player built structures.  We utilize a player journal containing player information, inventory, and crafting menus.  As the players progress, they will be able to add additional crafting items. 




  • Action System

       We created a new action menu for players to interact with the environment within REDUX.  This action menu currently works with vehicle repair, medical, and item interaction.  This will get expanded further.  It is easy to modify this action menu to fit the needs of your server.






  • Melee

       REDUX incorporates a new melee system which allows players to use melee weapons to defend and for gathering resources.   This includes weapons such as bats, swords, axes, and even a fishing rod.  This system will later be expanded to include a much more in depth melee combat including take downs and hopefully punching and kicking. 

  • Player Progression

       Within REDUX is a player progression system wherein the player receives progression points for completing certain actions.  This may be something simple like giving another player a blood bag to completing a player quest.  As the player progresses along the progress path they will meet requirements for progression events.  When the player reaches this progression event they can choose to complete a High Tier Quest.  Completing this quest will provide the player with a new knowledge book that they can read, and gain new knowledge for things such as building & medical crafting, or more advance repair options for vehicles and weapons.  REDUX does not require that players progress along this path to play the game.  A player can simply choose to load in, loot around, and PvP with other players.  Players that DO choose to progress will receive the benefits of the additional crafting and actions, and will have a bit of an advantage over players that choose not to.  

  • Quests

       Our quests are much like stripped down "missions" from other game modes.  Players will have an option through the radio or another device to conduct specific tasks.   When completed the player recieves a specific item, but more importantly, points towards the progression of the player.  Once enough points are received the player will get the option to complete a Progression Event.  This is a more complex and/or dangerous task.  Upon completion the payer will recieve one of the many knowledge books needed to unlock different crafting/action menus.  The quests are all completely optional, and are not needed to enjoy REDUX.

  • Zombies

       REDUX has created it's own zombie system.  This system is persistent.  Zombies are spawned upon server start, and then cached.  They are only activated when a player is within a set distance to the cached player.  Our zombies currently uses slightly modified A2 character uniforms and standard A3 movement animations, but both are currently getting updated.  Our new animations should be in shortly including new idle, walk, run, attack, eat, crawl, and hit animations.  When a player kills a zombie,  that zombie is gone from the total zombie count.  Players can clear out towns or areas of zombies without having to worry about more spawning in.  This will be useful for looting as the zombies are currently very aggressive and dangerous.  Zombies have the ability to not only see you, but hear and smell you.  Sneaking through an area full of zombies is very difficult an will require a new way of thinking when it comes to looting.  Current test on Chernarus show very stable performance with 1900 zombies created on server start.  The server performance numbers can be seen above in the Discord Bot picture.  We have not had a chance to test with a full server, but that should be happening shortly. 



  • Loot

       Our loot system, like the zombies, is persistent.  Loot is spawned for each position on server start, then cached.  Loot positions only show when a player nears the building it is located in.  When the player leaves or gets closer to another building the loot is again cached and the new building loot appears.  Players can drop items into a loot pile while looting, and come back to it later if it has not already been looted.  There will be an option within the config if server owners choose to have a more traditional loot system that respawns at a set amount of time instead of once per restart.  The single spawn loot system helps keep the amount of loot items on the server low, making them more valuable to players.


We currently use a host of custom assets and our own ports from the A2/TKOH licensed data packs.   We will continue to expand the amount of assets within REDUX as we have time.  We are limited in time as we currently only have 3 modelers working on assets part time.  I will be posting more images of our assets within REDUX later, but here is a small sample. 

















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Sounds cool guys, good luck with your project. Also, Just to let you know Epoch is now also APL-SA.

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Thanks vbawol, we have looked into the epoch files.   Love the releasing of epoch.  Think it's going to help others with their own work. 

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Been a busy few weeks for us.  Between work and getting ready for finals, we managed to get a bunch of new assets in and fix a bunch of bugs.  Getting ready for this weekends client update, here are some spoilers and the new change-log. 

M4-300 Blackout.

Still needs the silencer finished.  This is a 556 silencer just for testing. 




M500 Shotgun in action.  12g Slug and Buckshot  

Shotgun is an early WIP.  Needs handAnimations, reload animation, and EH for single fire reload.  Texture is very basic as well.



Hand Animation completed


Cooking pot for Campfire




Change-log (changes may occur before update is pushed)

 -Fixed edges of Plywood and Lumber models
 -Fixed config issue overwriting Mk14
 -Added new inventory icons
 -Added 25 new preview images for crafting items
 -Added Log Seat
 -Added Item action for "Taking Your Own Blood"
 -Added 2 new UH1H variants (TKA and Camo)
 -Added MOCAP Zombie Animations
 -Added MOCAP Climbing/Vaulting action
 -Added new HUD Icons
 -Added new Bleeding Overlay
 -Added M16A2 Assault Rifle

 -Added M4-300 ACC Blackout

 -Added M500 Shotgun

 -Added Cooking Pot Setup for campfire
 -Tweaked cfgDifficulties to enable/disable a few things
 -Tweaked HUD Icon opacity to give better visual aid
  -Fixed some RVExtensionArgs issues
  -Fixed typo in GlitchPunisher
  -Fixed Death Screen Timer
  -Fixed vehicles now spawn with random fuel (0-90% in steps of 10%)
  -Fixed zombie hearing bug
  -Fixed typo in Heli Crash message
  -Added new preview images to player journal config
  -Added texture syncing for vehicles
  -Added texture saving to and loading from the DB
  -Added more complex checks for nearest buildings.  Should solve some building detection issues
  -Added code for taking your own blood
  -Added fail safe for a bugged database. Server will still boot, but will display an error
  -Added visual effects when shot
  -Added DSR Climb into "Vault" keybind
  -Added M16A2 to loot config as Semi-Common weapon

  -Added M4-300-ACC to loot config as Rare weapon

  -Added M500 to loot config as Common weapon
  -Removed Katiba_GL from loot table
  -Tweaked SpookyWeather (added overcast)
  -Tweaked zombie count (increased)
  -Tweaked knockout from low blood


The focus lately has been bug fixing and getting the Zombie's working and animated.   We started this week planning out the player progression and quest/tasks systems.   This will be a lengthy project, lasting a few weeks.   That will be the last major hurdle before we release Alpha and allow people to start hosting their own servers. 

Edited by BigBenREDUX
Added M-500 handAnim picture
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REDUX is leaving closed pre-alpha testing, and will be going into alpha and release here in a few weeks.  With this latest update, we have wiped the database one last time.  With the end of closed pre-alpha, we have removed the white-listing, and are opening up the test server to anyone looking to check out the mod before release.  There is still a bit of work to finish before release, including expanding on the player progression system which was implemented in today's update. 


Testing out the player achievements

Latest Changelog

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First things first, I would like to announce that REDUX will be going into alpha on June 30th.  We will be releasing server files for people to host their own REDUX servers when we push the final alpha update to SW.  Download for the server files will be available on our website.


With the coming release of REDUX, we have also opened up a discord specifically for scripters interested in using the new Arma Plugin Management System.   We will use this discord to assist plugin developers with their creations, and provide guidance into the use of APMS and RedEx.   APMS will be able to be used for much more than just REDUX.   Already Kegan has a side project he is preparing that is completely different from REDUX but uses the APMS in the same manner.  If you have any questions about the APMS, or how to use it, stop by the discord.   https://discord.gg/jrJwxph


Last but not least, I did a little stream showing off some of the new air assets.   These are all WIP, but I will be finishing them up in the coming weeks.   All assets will be released on their own once REDUX goes beta, so these air assets will be available as a download for others to use in their mods.  Newest addition is the Take On Helicopters Medium Heli.   The heli is in game, can fly, and can take damage.  Will need a lot of detail work, but I really like them. 
REDUX Heli clip

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Another day, another update.   Getting closer and closer to release.

- Tweaked land contacts for Stockade Objects
- Tweaked hand animations for all weapons
- Tweaked billboard texture
- Tweaked House Level 1 version 2
- Fixed 3DEN editor double click bug
- Added camera offset for 3rd person
- Added DSR_srifle_22lr
- Added DSR_Sten
- Added DSR_item_Tent_Dome_Packed/Tent_A_Packed
- Added DSR_Tent_Dome_F/A_F
- Added TKOH Medium Heli and variants
- Added TKOH Hatchback and variants
- Added WIP notes page into the journal (Between Index page and Inventory)


- Tweaked zombie aggro senses
- Fixed a bug in the core Plugin Management System
- Fixed locked cars bug
- Added spawn points for UH1H
- Added ammo heli crashes
- Added ammo crate drops
- Added vector snapping to the object movement plugin
- Removed random building damage at server start

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Latest dev patch out.  V0.1.2017062316


Client Files
- Added Server Tick Manager FSM and Register Function
- Added Hilux Open
- Added Hilux Closed
- Added More Heli Medium Variants
- Updated All Golf Hatchback models.
- Added new animations and fixed damage models
- Fixed Memory issues with Heli Medium
- Fixed Update issue with storage variable
- Fixed M500 model errors
- Fixed 22lr model errors
- Fixed DMR model errors
- Fixed sv98 model errors and config issues.

Server Files
- Added Server Tick System
- Added Loot manager to server tick system
- Added new vehicle spawns
- Added sound detection by zombies when in buildings
- Optimized Server Initialization
- Updated Loot Manager to not use remoteExecCall
- Updated Airdrops to use the tick manager
- Updated Loot config
- Fixed M500 buckshot spread code
- Fixed Zombie uniform cleanup




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Another day, another update.  Pushing hard before the scheduled release data on the 30th. 


-Added: M9 Beretta
-Added: Glock 17
-Added: Tents to placeable items
-Added: Implenentation of client side progression
-Added: Player Progression page to journal UI
-Added: Journal Player Progression description
-Removed: False texture on houseV_1L1
-Fixed: Stockade Object group geometry lods
-Fixed: Shadow lods for all objects
-Fixed: Hitpoint detection for DSR_Hatchback and DSR_Hilux
-Fixed: Hitpoint detection for UH1H
-Fixed: Ammunition config error for 762x35mm_300_AAC_OT
-Tweaked: DSR_Mi8_AMT config


-Added: Implemented start of player progression system
-Added: Players receive progression points for general tasks
-Added: New Hilux to vehicle spawn
-Fixed: Reduced sway modifier
-Fixed: Helipads not spawning dynamically
-Tweaked: Reorganized spawnFromDB to more accurately spawn buildings in

Lots more work to do in the next two days, but it's all coming together.

Test server is still open to the public.  Just need DesolationREDUX mod available on steam workshop, CUP Terrains Core, and CUP Terrains Maps.

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the mod may look nice so far

but i still have the fact in mind that a well known arma hackerkid (lystic aka kegan) is involved in the developement


what assures me he wont do "his shit" again and add some nice backdoors, keystealers etc in this mod?

i dont trust this kid further than i can throw him

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2 hours ago, gagi2 said:

the mod may look nice so far

but i still have the fact in mind that a well known arma hackerkid (lystic aka kegan) is involved in the developement


what assures me he wont do "his shit" again and add some nice backdoors, keystealers etc in this mod?

i dont trust this kid further than i can throw him



I check in on the page just about everyday looking forward to trying the mod eventually. But I'd like to know more about what you're claiming. This is quite the accusation. Do you have any evidence of this you can share?


If so, people like me not in the know should know what we're getting into.


Link please!

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an example of his "precious" work


on his blog he says "former cheater"

also he made some kind of "antihack" and admintool

but you can never be to sure can you


once a cheater always a cheater? or can people really change?

well thats your decision to make...

but he didnt do it just once... he got his fame for a reason


its like G-E-F which got busted... and continued with their shit just under a new name...

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@gagi2 Thank you. That's honestly pretty shocking, mean spirited and well...the video isn't that old (and neither are his comments in the video discussion!). Considering how similar this mod is to DayZ SA, and also considering both are BI products, I hope the moderators let this series of posts stand so we can make informed decisions on whether we feel comfortable playing Desolation Redux.

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I guess we have to let the thread starter have his say on these revelations first, but based on what's been disclosed so far i'm out.

RL is hard enough without having downtime spoiled by cheats.

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5 hours ago, gagi2 said:

the mod may look nice so far

but i still have the fact in mind that a well known arma hackerkid (lystic aka kegan) is involved in the developement


what assures me he wont do "his shit" again and add some nice backdoors, keystealers etc in this mod?

i dont trust this kid further than i can throw him

You'd think someone could get some respect.

In other words,
1 You don't trust that the mod is completely open source and all the content will be freely available for anyone to adapt and modify to their own needs.
2 You don't trust the 20+ other developers that have worked on this mod for over a year now to bring fun content
3 You don't trust any of the other 5 devs who have worked directly with me on creating the core code for this game. Including @stokesgamingmc @optix 

You also say "Never can be too sure can you?" which is not an argument. Anyone with half a brain and knowledge of SQF can read over my code and understand there isn't a thing wrong with it.

My post (after my feedback tracker submission) about the sqf execution exploit that could have completely subverted battleye:

My post on how life servers can better protect their databases:

My post on blocking scripted RE

For the past year I have sat silently developing a mod ignoring people like you. I am done doing that. I have proven myself over the last year. If what I've done in an attempt to help better protect this game isn't enough then there is nothing more I can do.

Last note to anyone: If you use infiSTAR anticheat and think that I'm a bad person for having once cheated and won't use anything that is mine because of that, you are a hypocrite. 

Edited by KeganH
Clarifying the last note
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@KeganH, while it's admirable that you regard yourself as reformed, i think it's baggage you'll find hard to shake off, try looking at it from the point of view of the cheated, it sucks big time man.....still that guy in the avatar looks very young......young enough to learn from past mistakes. I guess we'll see in coming few months how things work out for DR, it still looks like something i'd like to spend time on.....but only if were all on the level.


I respect the fact you showed up to say your piece.


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Kegan and I have an understanding.  This project is very involved, long term, and includes thousands of hours of work from dozens of developers/content creators.   Kegan wanted back in to the ArmA development community after Battle Royale, and I had an opportunity for him to do that as long as this cheating was behind him.  It was made very clear that there was a lot more involved in this than just HIS time, and jeopardizing that would screw a lot of people over.  I have worked with Kegan for some time, even while he was still doing hacks.  He assisted my old community in securing our servers.  His knowledge of ArmA's code, capabilities, and limitations is beyond anyone else I have ever worked with.  But I also understood the perception his presence on the team would bring to the mod.  With this in mind, everyone that has joined the team has been told about his past before accepting the offer, I have been honest with people when they ask about his past, and we have made a choice to be open with our development and eventual code/assets.  I don't promote his cheating roots for obvious reasons, but we do not deny that he has them.  We have invited @BohemiaBeck into our development discord, and he has been there since the very early days of this project.  Once we release, we will go back to a public git repository, with the code and assets freely available to view.  We only moved private in the past 5-6 months due to people attempting to set up their own servers before the mod was ready or even playable, potentially putting people off from playing.  If you are interested in getting to understand the code and framework/tools we are working on, we have a discord set up for our dev team to work with other developers, sharing our knowledge and helping modify it to your needs.  Desolation: Community Development  We do not wish to hide any of it, and as of June 30th you will all have full access to the code base. 


The goal of this project was to create and provide a range of assets and tools for the rest of the community to use to in turn make new content for the rest of the community.  DesolationREDUX is just the showcase for all of the work the DR Project is doing.  My hope is that with all these new assets, new framework, new tools, people will have a wider range of content to choose from, and more people will be able to get involved in modding ArmA.  Kegan shares this idea, and while the goal isn't to make people forget his past, I do hope that in time he can prove that he is no longer the teenager that was so wiling to break games and instead is someone looking to enrich them.

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On 24.6.2017 at 8:07 AM, BigBenREDUX said:

- Added Server Tick System


any more info on what that is? sounds interesting.

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It's an FSM that runs queued scripts at certain set intervals.  It's for managing processing.

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15 minutes ago, BigBenREDUX said:

It's an FSM that runs queued scripts at certain set intervals.  It's for managing processing.


ah, just what i thought. thx for the info.

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21 hours ago, KeganH said:

You'd think someone could get some respect.


respect has to be earned kid... you may still have to learn that too


also it doesnt matter if i trust the other 20 devs who have worked on this mod...

it only needs one bad apple to ruin the juice of 2000


for example the alterIWnet mod back then... when cod mw2 came out without any server support

this guy (ntauthority - yeah what a name) made a modification for alternative dedicated servers to play this game on..

it was running good for months as thousands of players used it and then he had this kind of incidence of idiocy when he added some keystealers in his mod and got almost instantly busted

he removed this shit from the mod again and some players used it again but not the whole mass that did before

how can someone use this thing after that without thinking about WHAT IF?

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Courtesy of ComatoseBadger, DR has just added 6 new opened a2 sheds to the dsr_opened_buildings pack with more to come.  These buildings will be released with the rest of the assets once REDUX hits Beta.








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