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[SOLVED] Determine if buildingPos is indoors?

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Is it possible to determine which building positions, generated by { _building buildingPos -1; }, is indoors and inside the building?


I have had to manually check in all houses I wanted and make an array, but I would like to have it more dynamic and universal than that, no mention that it takes time to go through the different building types.

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you could do a


to check if there is a roof above the position.

could look like this:

parameter 1: object of builing
parameter 2: height to check for a roof. default value is 10 meters

return value:  array of roofed builing positions

example call:
 _roofed_pos = [_house1, _maxheight] fnc_roofed_pos;

fnc_roofed_pos =
  _default_height = 10;
  params["_building", ["_height", _default_height]];
 ([_building] call BIS_fnc_buildingPositions select {lineIntersects [_x, (_x vectorAdd [0, 0, _height]) , objNull, objNull})


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58 minutes ago, sarogahtyp said:



Thanks, that helped. I didn't know about lineIntersects before.

I tailored your functions to my own needs (It didn't work at first since lineIntersects specifically need ASL pos and buildingPos outputs AGL)

Came up with this:

_spawnPos = selectRandom ((_building buildingPos -1) select {lineIntersects [AGLToASL _x, (AGLToASL _x) vectorAdd [0,0,10]]});

That works with the building with the highest roof in Altis (the ghost hotel foyer, I think).


Though I ended up keeping my original manual solution, since there were a few buildings with positions that were indoors I didn't want to spawn in. However since that is solved we can keep it here for the archives, in case anyone else needs it.


Thanks again!

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